Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oldest Daughter

A dear friend of mine, Glenna has had her share of suffering and always comes through with the most loving spirit and attitude. She has done many great things in her world and has started her own blog to share stories and poems about her life.
Recently she returned to Michigan to be with her mom who is suffering from Alzheimers.
She wrote this very poignant poem that has caused me to stop and reflect on how precious life is and to cherish every memory of every day.
I hope this will touch your heart like it has touched mine.
Oldest Daughter
This poem is dedicated to my mother, Mary Paulich; she has Alzheimers.Recently I made a trip home hoping that she could still recognize me. In part, she did
Since visiting you last, I saw a startling change
You recognized me as your oldest daughter, but not my name
You sat in your chair as you looked into my eyes
Desperately trying to remember, before we said our good-byes
I am home now and miss you so much
I miss your presence, your love and your touch
I know we will be together someday in time; knowing that helps me to understand that you
are not to blame
For knowing me as your oldest daughter, but not my name