Sunday, July 29, 2007

Twenty Things I am Thankful For......

This weekend on the Personal Treasury Yahoo Group we had a layout challenge to do a layout of 20 things we are thankful for.

Here is my list and my layout. It is a great thing to do. What are you thankful for? Tell me, I would love to hear about it.



1. that John 3:16 shows how much God truly loves each of us.

2 that Psalm 46:10 tells me to settle down and let God have control

3. to learn that through my inabilities to do things, God's abilityshines through

4 for that warm feeling like you are receiving an internal hug whenyou are worshipping God.

5 the ability to spend every day with my little sister, Jodi

6 having time to teach Jodi new and fun things each day.

7 that I have a husband who loves me with all his heart and I lovehim more then words can say

8 the ability to not sweat the small stuff.

9 for my mom who is truly my best friend

10 for friends who are accepting and never judge, accept you for whoyou are.

11 that Lupus has taught me not to take life so seriously

12 to know that this body with all its ailments is only temporary.In Heaven I will be whole again

13 even though this disease is very hard, it has allowed me theopportunity to bless others in many ways

14 that I can still walk and move freely

15 the ability to use my hands to express myself in many ways

16 for my cats who always know when they need to snuggle in and purrwhen your having a bad day

17 for my dogs who are always happy to see me and never get tired offollowing me around the house or just laying at my feet.

18 the ability to talk daily with God - no matter what time it is andknowing that He is always there listening.

19 that no matter what, God can count on me to share His love andtell all the great things he has done for me.

20 for the ability to question why but sometimes for the inability tonot always understand the answer or see the big picture. (God has to have a few surprises)

Let's Roll

Let's Roll............That is probably a statement you all remember from 9/11. It was spoken by Todd Beamer, when he and the other passengers of Flight 93 were going to change the course of history and not let that plane hit its designated target.
This weekend, David Beamer Todd's father spoke at our church. I just was overwhelmed with the thought of meeting this very special man. This was someone who was personally affected by this horrible act of terrorism. He lost his son, but he knows that he will see his son again in Heaven - this he was confident in.
Anyhow, he brought with him an American Flag that flew at the WTC site during the recovery process, it stood proudly on our stage. The flag is pictured above.
I have to share that the whole service was awesome and breathtaking. With the flag standing proudly on the stage, one of the worship team led in an acapella verson of The National Anthem. I love singing that song so much but acapella is absolutely the best and what a great way to recognize our great country..
All those who have served or are serving to protect our Freedom were acknowledged and received a standing ovation. The service was very powerful and emotional but then to hear Mr. Beamer speak was absolutely wonderful. He had a great attitude and a great testimony to share. He was absolutely sure in his son's salvation and that is what has given him comfort and hope.
This is what he shared and I want to share just a portion with you all. I pray this ministers to you as much as it ministered to me. He started with stating "If I say 9/11.. what do you think of?" Well you all know the answer to that. Before that dreadful day in 2001, 911 was a call for help not a horrific event in our nations history. Anyhow, likemany we all know where we were, how we heard and how we felt that day. Most of this is still with many of us to this day. It is fresh in my mind and I still shake my head in disbelief.
Then he asked "What were you doing on 9/10?" Do you know what you were doing on 9/10/01? He shared that Todd and his wife Lisa were in Rome, Italy on a paid business trip that he had won. They were enjoying the last part of a vacation of a lifetime. They returned to New Jersey, late on Monday night 9/10 and Todd had to fly to San Francisco that next morning and would be flying home on the red eye on the 11th.
The day before, Todd and Lisa were on a wonderful trip, enjoying life and the next day on 9/11 - Todd went home to be with his Lord. Mr. Beamer shared that he had Todd's date book, that his son and accidently left it at home. He had everything written out, including having breakfast with his wife and sons on 9/12. No where in his agenda was 9/11/01 10:00 a.m. die and go to heaven.
This was not planned on his part (it was by those setting forth to do an unspeakable act), he assumed that as usual he would fly across country, have his meeting, fly home and continue on with his work week and his life.
So the point of this whole message is we need recognize that today is the day before. We don't know what tomorrow holds or the rest of the week / month / year for that matter. We need to make sure to make the best of all situations and make sure that we are not leaving things undone with anyone.
The people in our world need to know that they are loved and are important to us. We can't let a day pass by without telling them that. Things change in a moments notice, it is not good to regret what you should have, could have or would have done if you only had one more chance.
Mr. Beamer shared the last time he saw his son and that memory has given him much comfort as he knew that his son knew that he loved him and vica versa. Todd had the honor of being raised in a Christian home and was a devoted Christian husband and father. Todd knew that he wasn't coming off that plane alive but knew his reward was great, eternal life with Christ his savior.
So how to end this, don't regret. Make sure all you do is glorifying to God and advances His Kingdom. If your friends and family don't know Him, speak of Him and all that He does for you. If they do know Him, praise Him forthat daily and be an inspiration to their walk and all them to inspire yours. Most of all, hug everyone and tell them you love them. Don't miss a chance to make a difference or leave without letting someone how important they are to you.
Concentrate on the day before so you will have no regrets the day after.
I hope this blesses you as much as it blessed and challenged me.
I am trusting that if you are reading this, that you have a relationship with Jesus Christ and we will all be rejoicing together someday in Heaven because God has prepared an awesome place for all who believe and I am looking forward to being there.
God Bless You Today, Tomorrow and Always

I took a break today

I took a break today, to finish my final entry into a 3 Bugs contest hosted by my dear friend Tina on her Internet Scrapbooking Site, called
Anyhow, I had to submit a page - which I showed you earlier, a card and an altered item. Here is the altered item. Anyhow, I had a ton of fun making these and thought I would share them with you all. Happy week, Faye

It is coming along...............

Today I got alot done. I am far from done but hey it is getting there. You can actually walk from the door to the bookcases across the room. I thought I would show off the progress thus far. It will be nice to have my living room, dining room table and computer room craft free LOL The futon is going in the computer room, leaving me room for a table. I can hardly wait. So the task goes forth, by the weekend you will see pictures of a whole new room. Off to bed, I am tired.
Good night
OH forgot I forgot something :( I must have hit my hand on something because at dinner I noticed that my sapphire ring was missing its sapphire. I hope I find it, but that is seriously a needle in a haystack. I bet the vaccume finds it though.

From Chaos

should come organization. This week the challenge is on. Clean up the middle bedroom and finally create the craftroom of my dreams. I have lots of great goodies to put up in this room but need to clean it out and organize it. The challenge is on!!!! I entered a 3 Bugs contest and did a 2 page layout showing how bad it is. I am hoping by next weekend to show you all great new pictures of my room to die for. For Christmas 2005, my mom bought me a 20 inch TV/VCR/DVD combo and it is still in the box, not for much longer though. Wish me luck.

My day rocked

What an unbelievable day I had today.
Never, have I had more fun on National Scrapbook day / weekend then I did today and tomorrow there is more to come.
Our LSS had a great crop at a local preschool that accomodated 125 scrappers. Wahoo how fun that was.
The crop started at 10 a.m. and will end tonight at 1:00 a.m. Then tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
To make hubby happy and not run myself down, I had to leave at 5:00 today to go to church and then dinner. But wanted to go back at 9:00 for the grand prize drawings for the day - more tomorrow.

OK about today. I arrived a bit late but started my crop experience off with a class making a fun book with Marah Johnson from Creative Imaginations. Marah has pretty wild paper, but this book used her new tatoo line. It was fun and created a great little book for pictures of Dave and I. Then a break for 30 minutes and then another class using the "Sonia" purse from CI and decorated with papers from Renae Lindgren. Both projects were a ton of fun. Then we had the opportunity to participate in a Make n' Take using the tatoo line. We created a cute little calendar holder.

So, while I was in the first class my name was drawn for a door prize and I won a great stamp set from Marah Johson. I also won prizes in both classes. I was having a very fun day.
Anyhow, the grand prize drawing was tonight at 9:00, so I went back to see if my luck was going to hold a little longer. It did and I won the EK Success / Maple Lane Pink Tool pack loaded with tools. (see above) Wow, I just couldn't believe it. I am so excited, it has been a truly awesome day. Now tomorrow, I get to really crop and my friend Marian is joining me for the day.

I had to share because NSD has been very good to me so far. Hope you all are having fun too. Off to bed so I will be ready to go again tomorrow. Have a great weekend all and I hope you have as much fun as I did

Happy Birthday Jodi Lynn

On April 17, 1965, I became a big sister for the second time. This time - a sister. Jodi was born a perfectly healthy bouncy baby girl. Since I wasn't quite 3 yet, I don't remember much about her coming into our world. Just before she turned 2, she contracted the German Measels, and because of severe seizures, she suffered permanent brain damage. Jodi then was stuck in 2 year old mode for the rest of her life. Being so young, I don't remember when everything transitioned but all I do know is that my sister, is my sister and will be for life. I know she feels all the emotions that we all feel but can't always tell us what she wants too.
She attends a work program during the day and I spend every afternoon with her until my mom gets home. Jodi is the light of my life and can't even imagine it without her.
On Tuesday she turned 42. Where does time go? She has the greatest sense of humor and we laugh alot. She loves to do crafts with me and is very helpful at times.
So my sweet baby sister - a 2 year old trapped in a woman's body, will never understand what happened to her and for that matter - maybe no one will ever understand, but she is loved and cherished. So at the end of the day that is all that matters.
I know that when she leaves this life, she will be in heaven with me because as a child, she can't make that declaration to accept Christ as her saviour but I already know that she is His.
We never know what will befall us and sometimes life is very unfair. Take a moment to love those in your life - make sure they know how important they are.
P.S. I found out last year, that she loves to have her picture taken. I needed photos of her for my PT Album and another CKU project. I will be snapping more photos of her soon, because she is definately going in my "Happy Things" album. Will let you see the other photos after I take them. Till then, here is a Christmas one


I just had to do this. I love Mater. He has to be just the cutest Disney character. When we were there in November, they actually had Lightning and Mater as real cars. It was so much fun. I have pictures with Mater. If something can bring a smile to my face, it is Mater. Hopefully this brought a smile to your face too.

I won, I won, I won - yeah

I am so excited, I entered a contest to alter something with Basic Grey Blush paper. Check out the pictures above.

I won first place and the prize is awesome. A distressing kit from Making Memories. This made my day. I loved doing this
Thanks for looking

My Personal Treasury Album is Done!!!!

I am finally done. I took advantage of a cyber crop yesterday to pull out all my Art Warehouse stuff and finish my album. I seemed to reflect and take too much time on each page but that is OK because it is my album and I was just enjoying the process.
My sister in law, Maria and I are going to CKU in Anaheim and I just had to finish last years album before registering for a new CKU
I am so excited to show this off. I hope you enjoy looking at the pages. I really had a great time finally finishing the final 5 pages tonight.
Thanks for looking