Sunday, August 28, 2011

Inspiration Unlimited Tag Swap


I am . . . said...
These tags look super cute. Everyone did a great job!
The final swap is sorted and mailed out. These tags were all works of art. I did 3 tags so have 3 complete set of 13 tags each. I am keeping one and have 2 to give away.

And U Jest said...
Amazing....great tags...can't wait to find out who the winner is... IU is so awesome!!!


Leave a comment below and on Friday I will chose a winner. Good Luck!!!

Created by Sandra

Created by Renee

Created by Michelle

Created by Leslie

Created by Leslie

Created by Janet

Created by Jackie

Created by Faye

Created by Faye

Created by Diane

Created by Christy

Created by Ashley

Created by Faye

Butterfly Blog Award

This special award came from Michelle. Her blog is :
Been kind of a hectic couple weeks, so this made me feel special. Thank you so much Michelle.

So here are the details:
To receive this award I need to answer some questions,
award this 'Butterfly Award' to 10 other bloggers,
contact the 10 bloggers to let them know they have been given this award,
and I also need to show a link to the person who gave me the 'Butterfly Award'.

So here goes...

Q1) Name your favorite colour?

Q2) Name your favorite song?
Right now, I have so many but a song that really speaks to my heart is : "Let the Waters Rise" by Mikeschair.

Q3) Name your favorite dessert?
Yellow cake with vanilla frosting

Q4) What wizzes you off at the moment?
hum, not sure I understand the question but it makes me mad when others don't show consideration.

Q5) Your favorite pet?
My favorite pet is my two dogs Daisy and Emma and 3 cats Chrissy, Boots and Snickers.

Q6) Black or White?

Q7) Your biggest fear?
My mom dying

Q8) Best Feature?
Compassion and sensitivity

Q9) Everyday attitude?
Optimistic or try to be.

Q10) What is perfection?
A day without pain.

Q11) Guilty Pleasure?

Q12) When you're upset you?
I get quiet and go off by myself to work it through.

Now I have to pass this award onto 10 other friends.
Now if you have it already just know that I'm thinking of you!
Debbie -
Thanks again Michelle - C

Check out their blogs - lots of inspiration and fun.

Week Thirty Five - Gratitude

Saturday August 27th - Grateful for great day cropping with my best friend Treion
Sunday August 28th - I am grateful for time to catch up - feeling like I have been running behind way too long.
Monday August 29th - I am grateful that I have time to clear out my email account - yikes over 1000 emails.
Tuesday August 30th - I am grateful for a new day
Wednesday August 31st - I am grateful for ice cream with my best friend on a hot summer afternoon
Thursday September 1st - I am grateful for winning a dinner for 10 at the Rib Festival and being able to give it to my mom and bless her with it. She and 9 others are going to have a great time
Friday September 2nd - I am grateful for time to relax and create.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week Thirty Four - Gratitude

Saturday August 20th - I am grateful that Emma is doing better and for a day of rest to just recoup from the week.
Sunday August 21st - I am grateful for time to create and make fun things
Monday August 22nd - I am grateful for my sister Jodi, sometimes she is so funny and we laugh and laugh. I love her so much.
Tuesday August 23rd - I am having a pretty rough day, so not feeling very grateful.
Wedensday August 24th - Heat and lupus don't go well together - so thankful for fans that help cool me off.
Thursday August 25th - I am thankful that Emma is doing better.
Friay August 26th - I am grateful for time to relax and create

Monday, August 15, 2011

Secret Sister Thank You

I am a bit behind in blogging about IU and all the stuff that goes with it. Here is a picture of my cat Boots showcasing the fun envelope of bling and embellishments that my SS sent me for July. Thanks SS - Love it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week Thirty Three - Gratitude

Saturday August 13th - I am grateful that my great nephew was born today. Welcome to the world Tarrence.
Sunday August 14th - I am grateful that I survived new windows 2011
Monday August 15th - I am grateful for all the great pictures that I have and am looking at tonight
Tuesday August 16th - I am grateful for my mom who is always there for me.
Wednesday August 17th - I am grateful that Emma is home and OK, she was very sick last night and this morning. I was very worried about her. Kings Row Vets ROCK!!!!
Thursday August 18th - I am grateful that we didn't lose Emma tonight. She took a turn for the worse and is at Animal Emergency Hospital for the night. I wasn't ready to lose her yet.
Friday August 19th - I am grateful that after spending the day at Kings Row (had to pick her up at Animal Emergency and take her to her vet in the morning.) on an IV all day, Emma is was able to eat and keep it down. She gets to come home tonight and hopefully we have the worst of this behind us. I do know that next time the outcome won't be the same, but for right now I am going to cherish every moment I have with my girl.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Inspiration Unlimited RAKS

Hi all my IU friends,
Welcome to my blog. I am getting ready to send out lots of RAKS but have a few items that I want to make sure they will be used so I need your help. Check out the list below and if there is a theme that you can use please leave a comment with the theme of treat you can currently use.
RAKS will start flying out of here this week. Also please make sure that your name and info is in the group database.
OK here we go:
*Scrapping Girl Mouse Pad
*Wood lower case alphabet stamps
*Baby Boy Journaling
*Spring Buttons
*Summer Buttons
*Acrylic Sea Shell Stamps
*Baseball embellishments
*Felt Stickers from Big Yellow Bicycle
*Cooking Embellishments
*Christmas Embellishments.

I want these goodies to get a good home so comment what one item you could use and let the fun begin.

Week Thirty Two - Gratitude

Saturday August 6th - I am grateful that the Animal Emergency Hospital saved Gaby's life.
Sunday August 7th - I am grateful that Gaby came home today after being mauled by a German Shephard.
Monday August 8th - I am grateful for a new week.
Tuesday August 9th - I am grateful that I have a place to live
Wednesday August 10th - I am grateful that my cat Boots likes to cuddle
Thursday August 11th - I am grateful for time to get organized.
Friday August 12th - I am grateful that I have some time to rest.

Week Thirty One - Gratitude

Saturday July 30th - I am grateful for a relaxing time in Sacramento.
Sunday July 31st - I am grateful for a safe trip home
Monday August 1st - I am grateful for friends.
Tuesday August 2nd - I am grateful that I am home.
Wednesday August 3rd - I am grateful that the medicine finally worked.
Thursday August 4th - I am grateful that Treion and I can text in the middle of the night and share our lives.
Friday August 5th - I am grateful for a great lunch with my dearest friend.