Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week Thirty Three - Gratitude

Saturday August 13th - I am grateful that my great nephew was born today. Welcome to the world Tarrence.
Sunday August 14th - I am grateful that I survived new windows 2011
Monday August 15th - I am grateful for all the great pictures that I have and am looking at tonight
Tuesday August 16th - I am grateful for my mom who is always there for me.
Wednesday August 17th - I am grateful that Emma is home and OK, she was very sick last night and this morning. I was very worried about her. Kings Row Vets ROCK!!!!
Thursday August 18th - I am grateful that we didn't lose Emma tonight. She took a turn for the worse and is at Animal Emergency Hospital for the night. I wasn't ready to lose her yet.
Friday August 19th - I am grateful that after spending the day at Kings Row (had to pick her up at Animal Emergency and take her to her vet in the morning.) on an IV all day, Emma is was able to eat and keep it down. She gets to come home tonight and hopefully we have the worst of this behind us. I do know that next time the outcome won't be the same, but for right now I am going to cherish every moment I have with my girl.

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