Monday, June 29, 2009

I have fun treats to give away............

And the winners are.............still some to give away
If you want another title, tnen mail me the colors of cardstock used in 8.5 x 11 size and I will cut them for you. If you have a Quickutz Silhouette then email me and I will send you the files. I love my Silhouette.

I obviously didn't know how to count and guess what that means great things for some of you. I have extra titles left over from my page swap, so I want to make sure they go to great new homes. Interested? Leave a comment to this post with which titles you would like to have and I will send out titles to some lucky winners. Enjoy and good luck

There are 13 Friend titles left........who will be the lucky winners?
1. Carol Stoler
2. Michelle Aguilar
3. Jody Myslinski
4. Michelle Delgado
5. Lisa Ritchie
6. Margarita Margie Rowles
7. Esther Rodriguez
8. Renee Schlachter
9.Tamara Schultz
10. Susan Lepore
11. Lyn Cheever
12. Tiiu
13. Surprising someone

Oh you know we will have many photos to scrap of Heidi Swapp. Want a title for your page, lets see who gets one of the 7.
1. Tiiu Jaanusson
2. Debbie O' Neal
3. Connie Casement
4. Kim Schroeder
5. Susan Lepore
6. Shermala Austermann
7. Kyoko Nakai

Favorite Moments will abound I am sure. Want a title for another set of pages - good luck there are only 8 so hope to send them to 8 happy homes.
1. Karen Engelder
2. Denise Mills
3. Keely Boley
4. Linda Oliverrez
5. Jennifer Phillips
6. Susan Lepore
7. Tiiu
8. Suprising Someone

Well there is only one of these........who wants it?
Good Luck
1. Tiiu Jannusson ( you replied first so this one is yours)


Tiiu ( said...

They're all awesome! If I were to pick one it would be the Heidi Swapp cut..though I do love that Creative Escape cut too :)

Less than 2 months to go! Can't wait! See you soon Faye!

Renee S. said...

Hi Faye,
I wouldn't mind winning a Heidi title, although any one of them would be wonderful.
They are terrific. So nice of you to offer them.
Renee S. (NY)

Connie said...

You do such beautiful work , I would love any of them...Nice that you are so thoughtful and generous...see you soon!

cstoler said...

Pick me pick me.....What pretty stuff you do. I got in late so I did not get to do the page swapp and would love to win. any and all.

Look forward to meeting you in August.

Michelle Aguilar said...

Oh and I am just leaving a comment to a very nice lady that I will meet at CE! Whoo-HOO
Great work Fay. hey by the way, I was wondering how many ribbon sticks do we make? Is it as many as we wish to swap?

Kim said...

Faye - you know how much I love your titles - all of them - especially the Heidi Swapp and CE ones!!!!!

Can't wait till Creative Escape!

Susan L. said...

Wow, love 'em all Faye! They're gorgeous! Thanks for offering them, it's so kind of you. I'm a huge HS fan, so I love what you did with her name title! This is such fun, thanks again. See you SOON ! :-)

Karen E said...

Faye, love the titles you have created and can't wait to see you again at CE.

Shermala Austermann said...

I would love one of your Heidi Swapp titles. I love them all! It was hard to pick just one!

Jody said...

Faye, ALL of these titles are awesome. PLEASE let us know how you made them!!! Whether I win or not, I'm going to want to make titles like this in the future!!!!
~Jody from CE board

78968400mom said...

I would love any title that you have left to that maria angel with you at GT?

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, they are so cool!!! Love them all! Especially I love Heidi's one!

Thank you for sharing, Faye!

ljritchie said...

Hi Crafti Faye: Looks like you've been busy busy!! Of course, I love all of the titles you have made, but I'd choose either the CE 2009 or Heidi Swapp. Thanks for hosting this fun treat!

Anonymous said...


Your titles are AMAZING!!!

What did you use to make them?

I'd love any of them.
Margarita Margie

Anonymous said...

These titles are wonderful. My favorite is the Creative Escape 09 followed by the Heidi Swapp title. You should sell these things! I woudl buy all of them!

Cheers, Esther

Anonymous said...

Faye, you are so creative, and kind! I am collecting ribbon, found some fun stuff at a stationary store!, but still need to get the sticks for them. I would find a place for any of your titles, especialy the CE 2009 or "moments" ones.
Denise Mills

Debbie said...

Hi Faye - Waving at you from Texas :) I just love all of those titles but if I could just have one of the Heidi Swapp titles you could certainly hear me yelling "Waahooooo" all the way from Texas to you :)

If you have cut files you made using Cricut Design Studio, could you post those to the group ?

Bless you for sharing your talent with all of us :)

Hugs, Debbie in Texas

Keely said...

I would LOVE a title!! They are all amazing. How do you create them? Please share your secrets.

Lyn Meeker said...

Hi Faye,

I've got a Sillhette... (Can't spell this early - too lazy to go look) .. I would love to have a copy of your files! ..

I just got accepted to CE 09 - and I'm excited to do the Ribbon Swapp! (I made my own pink and white ribbon pin - thought that was what we were supposed to do! - But yours are more awesome and it may get confusing .. so if I could have one .. I'd love it!)

Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

I would LOVE the Friend title--too cute! Thanks so much and I can't wait to meet you! Tamara Schulz:)

Anonymous said...

I would love to have one,Faye, if you have any left. Don't waste the postage if you have any available. I'll get it from you at CE.... and I will give you the Life's Lyrics kit from CKU Provo. I enjoyed being with you on Friday! Carol G

Jennifer said...

Hi Faye,
Your stuff is awesome - I will be attending CE for the first time and I will be in the ribbon swap too!! I may "borrow" the ice cream spoon idea - would you mind?

I would love any title that isn't claimed!!

Debbie said...

Thank you are hearing me yell Waaaahoooo! All the Way from Texas,right? I am so excited to get one of the awesome heidi swapp die cuts....thank you from the bottom of my heart all the way to the top :)