Monday, June 29, 2009

Class with Teresa Collins at Green Tangerine

We did 2 great projects. Both were family oriented. First class was an envelope book and then the other was an exclusive to Green Tangerine and was another great way to document and show off my family. I love playing with the Zutter Bind It All, so was awesome to see the projects that Teresa creates using the Zutter tools

Carol and Patti working on their albums........

Teresa showing us awesome ways to incorporate transparencies into our books.

My CKU buddy Maria joined us for the second class. It was so great to see you Maria. Have fun at Provo, I am so missing not being there already :(

Teresa helping Carol

We all decided to watch what Teresa was doing to Carol's book

Carol stamping her book.

Here we all are. Faye, Maria, Teresa, Patti and Carol. An awesome day with awesome friends. It was great. Can't wait to do it again.

Oh if you have never been to Green Tangerine, you need to visit. It truly is an awesome store with fabulous people.

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Anonymous said...

you are the kind...and
of course talented!!!!

plus, your married to a wonderful man.

SOOOO happy to meet you two!

teresa collins