Sunday, December 25, 2011

Week Fifty Two - Gratitude

Saturday December 24th - I am grateful that I can express my love through things that I can create
Sunday December 25th - I am grateful that God sent His son and time to spend with my awesome family
Monday December 26th - I am grateful for miracles. God kept watch over my sweet cousin and she is getting better
Tuesday December 27th - I am grateful for my friend Karen, who blessed me so much today. Thanks Karen.
Wednesday December 28th - I am grateful for my friends - they keep me strong during very hard times.
Thursday December 29th - I am grateful for laughter
Friday December 30th - I am grateful for clarity and hope.
Saturday December 31st - I am grateful for the end of 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week Fifty One - Gratitude

Saturday December 17th - I am grateful for a special gift from our church tonight, it is just tough to realize that we are one of those families. Thank you Summit, it was a blessing to us.
Sunday December 18th - I am grateful for great bargains right before Christmas
Monday December 19th - I am grateful that Christmas cards are done and ready to mail tomorrow
Tuesday December 20th - I am grateful for the power of prayer
Wednesday December 21st - I am grateful for friends who care
Thursday December 22nd - I am grateful for fun times to create and relax
Friday December 23rd - I am grateful for time to stop and breathe

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week Fifty - Gratitude

Saturday December 10th - I am grateful that I have kept up with this gratitude journal
Sunday December 11th - I am grateful for a great afternoon with my friends cropping
Monday December 12th - I am grateful for Jodi's laughter - she just cracked me up today
Tuesday December 13th - I am grateful for crackers when my tummy is upset.
Wednesday December 14th - I am grateful for friends near and far
Thursday December 15th - I am grateful for time to create and getting my hands messy
Friday December 16th - I am grateful for a sweet letter from my IU friend Pam, reminds me that I am doing it right. Thank God for those really special moments.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week Forty Nine - Gratitude

Saturday December 3rd - Grateful for church tonight - I was inspired and blessed
Sunday December 4th - Grateful for our Christmas tree - it just makes me smile
Monday December 5th - I am grateful fow a quiet afternoon, I went through and created the Christmas card list - looking forward to connecting with all our friends and family
Tuesday December 6th - I am grateful that Emma is doing so much better
Wednesday December 7th - I am grateful for those who protect our country and our freedom. God bless those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor
Thursday December 8th - I am grateful for time with friends as we remember the life of Brian Hurn, my friend Colleen's husband.
Friday December 9th - I am grateful for the small things that make life easier.