Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week Five - Gratitude

Saturday January 29th - Grateful for a quiet carefree day.
Sunday January 30th - I am grateful about feeling much better today.
Monday January 31st - I am grateful for a warm house on a very cold night.
Tuesday February 1st - I am grateful for a brand new month.
Wednesday February 2nd - I am grateful for my sweet dog Emma, who is truly a joy in my life.
Thursday February 3rd - I am grateful for friends who are there during a very tiring day.
Friday February 4th - I am grateful for an awesome class through Big Picture Scrapbooking that will get me started on creating again.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week Four - Gratitude

Saturday January 22nd - I am grateful for feeling better, this cold was a bit rough.
Sunday January 23rd - I am grateful for January days that are in the 50's
Monday January 24th - I am grateful for my friend Janet. She is so generous and is someone I truly admire.
Tuesday January 25th - I am grateful for friends who pray who are joining me to pray for Dave's job.
Wednesday January 26th - I am grateful for the good things in my world.
Thursday January 27th - I am grateful that our car is fixed.
Friday January 28th - I am grateful that I did not have a broken bone in my leg, now for it to start feeling better.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week Three - Gratitude

Saturday January 15th - I am grateful for my sweet sister Jodi
Sunday January 16th - I am grateful that there is Hope in the Lord, even when I feel hopeless.
Monday January 17th - I am grateful for awesome bargains. Scrapbook paper 6 for .96, 5 Cricut cartridges for 9.99 each and other great deals plus Christmas money to buy it all with. Yeah
Tuesday January 18th - I am grateful for laughter.
Wednesday January 19th - I am grateful for a full moon and clear nights where you can see the stars.
Thursday January 20th - I am grateful a warm bed on a cold night
Friday January 21st - I am grateful for cough syrup

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week Two - Gratitude

Saturday January 8th - I am grateful for a wonderful church family
Sunday January 9th - I am grateful for family dinners
Monday January 10th - I am grateful for the freedom of speech and the right to use it responsibly
Tuesday January 11th - I am grateful for relaxing evenings
Wednesday January 12th - I am grateful for my friend Julie, who despite having the weight of the world on her shoulders, she is always positive and wonderful to those around her.
Thursday January 13th - I am grateful for the freedom to meet for Bible Study with awesome friends.
Friday January 14th - I am grateful for potato leak soup and sourdough bread on a cold night.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Week one - Gratitude

I am going to begin the year renewed. Renewal is my word for the year. With that in mind I will share daily for all that I am grateful for.
Need to hurry up and finish my journal so that I can write all these down.
Saturday January 1st - I am grateful for a new year and a time for renewal and rejuvination.
Sunday January 2nd - I am grateful for my cats who no matter what can make me smile.
Monday January 3rd - I am grateful for my mom who is just always there.
Tuesday January 4th - I am grateful for quiet moments
Wednesday January 5th - I am grateful for the doctors in my life.
Thursday January 6th - I am grateful for my friend Treion. She is a true blessing in my life.
Friday January 7th - I am grateful for memories.

Sweet Dreams Baby Girl

2010 almost ended with no more loss. But no, one more came my way. Found her laying on the bed and it didn't look good. Somehow I knew when I went to get the kitty carrier, that I wasn't bringing her back home. She was fine a couple days ago, how can all the sudden she be dying.

We stood there with her and we said goodbye at 10:00 p.m. 2010 had one more loss to deal me and honestly I am defeated. Why, why, why.

So to my sweet Sauci, you were my sweet baby girl. Saucer Muffin, Sauceroo, Sauci Sue, Slug, Slugbutt and other sweet names we would call out and you were always there.

Giving your daddy kisses, chewing on our fingers, licking our face and sleeping on my hip you were always right there with us. For 16.5 years you made my day complete.

To realize the 2011 will begin without you is just so unfair.

Go find Belle, Micki and Coco Puff - you all can play together again.

I love you sweet girl and will miss you terribly.