Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paper Roses Necklace + Pet Brag Book

It was a fun day today for creating. I am apart of a fun group of ladies who love to create with their Cricuts and today there was a challenge to create something with flowers and a Mothers Day gift. If you haven't joined "Erica's Room" on Facebook, you need to check it out
So being that I am a mom to a bunch of furr kids, I decided to make me a tag brag book. This is the finished creation. Now I need to add their pictures.

So here are the instructions for making the rolled paper roses that I transformed into a necklace. This was my first attempt so hopefully I can make this clearer then mud.
I used my Cricut and cut 5 circles. One at 5 inches, two at 4 inches and two at 3 inches.

Next using scissors I transformed the circles into spirals. Note the center you need to leave some room to lay your rolled flower on, the center becomes the bottom

If you want to add shading on the edge now is the time to do it.

Starting at the outer edge, start rolling the paper tightly. Go all the way to the middle, stopping just short of the center.

This is what it will look like after you are done rolling it.

Apply glue (I used Crystal Effects) to the center and set the bottom half of the flower on the base. Allow the flower to losen up to your liking and then push the base and the flower together and hold till the glue sets.

This is what your flower will look like after it has set and losened up. Make your flowers as tight or lose as you wish. Just don't let go of the flower until you are sure the glue has set and it will not unravel. It takes about a minute.

Now I chose to make my flowers into a necklace, but the possiblities are endless. Have fun and happy creating.


Julie said...

Hey Faye at the beginning you say you cut 5 flowers but do you mean 5 circles? Julie. P.s. Love them they are great. Gotta try it out.

Faye's Crafti Corner said...

Thanks Julie, fixed it :)

Nina said...

Awesome I seen these done with satin and such but was clueless to the paper . This is awesome . I will be scraplifting hahaha.

Mayra said...

What a pretty necklace. :-)

Amanda said...

Love this and I have that cart so I can so make these.. Thank you