Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thank you Secret Sister

I have a great secret sister. This is what I got today and I love it all. The paper is my Arizona / CE trip and it will work perfectly. Thanks SS I love it all.

Week Twenty Six - Gratitude

Saturday June 25th - I am grateful that I was inspired by Teresa Collins to keep a daily journal of gratitude and it has been great to always find one positive thing each day to be grateful for.
Sunday June 26th - I am grateful that I have so many blessings.
Monday June 27th - I am grateful that old friends are becoming new friends.
Tuesday June 28th - I am grateful for summer rain - it smells so good.
Wednesday June 29th - I am grateful for meds that make you feel better when other meds make you not feel so hot.
Thursday June 30th - I am grateful for 6 months of blessings
Friday July 1st - I am grateful for fans on a hot summer night.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week Twenty Five - Gratitude

Saturday June 18th - I am grateful for this weekends sermon that gave me comfort and peace.
Sunday June 19th - I am grateful for my happy memories of times with my dad.
Monday June 20th - I am grateful for laughter.
Tuesday June 21st - I am grateful that Emma's vet appointment went well.
Wednesday June 22nd - I am grateful for cool evening breezes.
Thursday June 23rd - I am grateful that creating is so much fun.
Friday June 24th - I am grateful that God hears my cries.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week Twenty Four - Gratitude

Saturday June 11th - I am grateful for laughter.
Sunday June 12th - Some days all I can say is that I am grateful for medicines to make my day a bit easier.
Monday June 13th - I am grateful for a cool summer evening - love fresh air.
Tuesday June 14th - I am grateful that pain was minimal today
Wednesday June 15th - I am grateful for my silly boy Boots who is making sure my printer is working.

Thursday June 16th -I am grateful because it is nice to see people get just what they deserve and it is even better when you know that it came from God. He does always get the last word.
Friday June 17th - I am grateful for my sweet sister Jodi

Monday, June 6, 2011

Week Twenty Three - Gratitude

Saturday June 4th - I am grateful for rest when your body is not cooperating
Sunday June 5th - I am grateful for my sweet dogs who always seem to lift my mood.
Monday June 6th - I am grateful for patches of blue sky during a cold dreary wet day.
Tuesday June 7th - I am grateful for laughter.
Wednesday June 8th - I am grateful for a beautiful warm day - I think the shorts and sandals can finally come out - yeah
Thursday June 9th - Isn't she sweet? I am so grateful for her. Daisy is my ray of sunshine in a gloomy day.

Friday June 10th - I am grateful that no matter what, God is in my corner.