Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week Twenty Six - Gratitude

Saturday June 25th - I am grateful that I was inspired by Teresa Collins to keep a daily journal of gratitude and it has been great to always find one positive thing each day to be grateful for.
Sunday June 26th - I am grateful that I have so many blessings.
Monday June 27th - I am grateful that old friends are becoming new friends.
Tuesday June 28th - I am grateful for summer rain - it smells so good.
Wednesday June 29th - I am grateful for meds that make you feel better when other meds make you not feel so hot.
Thursday June 30th - I am grateful for 6 months of blessings
Friday July 1st - I am grateful for fans on a hot summer night.

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Susan said...

Hi Faye!

Just stopping in to say hi! You know, I really think I could benefit from doing one of these. The idea is to list one thing positive everyday? I think I could do that?!?! I'd love if you could give me more info on this!