Saturday, May 28, 2011

Week Twenty Two - Gratitude

Saturday May 28th - I am grateful for the men and women who serve in our military. God bless you all
Sunday May 29th - I am grateful for all the love shown me through special notes on my birthday - I am very blessed.
Monday May 30th - Not very grateful today, hard day dealing with medicine decrease. Some days it is just really hard.
Tuesday May 31st - I am grateful that during hard times friends and family support each other.
Wednesday June 1st - I am grateful that my family is so awesome
Thursday June 2nd - I am grateful that my reward is in Heaven
Friday June 3rd - I am grateful that we have the freedom of speech.

Working on our Arizona trip

Here is a fun layout using the Cricut cartridge Nifty Fifties. We had such an awesome time on Route 66

Friday, May 27, 2011

Disney Tag Swap + Winner

Winner - I used a random generator and with 17 comments it picked number 12 so the winner of the Disney Tags is:
Viki (bristygirl) said...
Oh, these are so cute:) I debated on whether or not to join in this swap...i should have!!! Everyone always does such a great job, so creative.
May 28, 2011 12:53 PM

Viki email me your address at and congrats!!!!
Well a couple of these pesky tags don't want to go the direction they are supposed to, but hey that is so Disney - these characters have a mind of their own. Anyhow, these are the Inspiration Unlimited Disney Tag Swap tags and they are purely fabulous. There is an extra set of tags that need a good home so keep reading to find out how the extra set can be yours

Susie Taylor created this adorable Mickey who is just lounging around.

This set of Mickey and Minnie smiling proudly was created by Janet Kapke

All hands is from Shannon Coyne and is a great space to journal on that special Disney page

Oh Pooh!!! Isn't he cute. Jackie Brennan brought my favorite bear to life.

Diane Cavaliere made this adorable tag that will look great next to Minnie or Mickey.

Last but not least are mine for two of the zanniest characters there are - cheers to Tigger and Goofy

OK do you want a chance to win a set of these fun tags? Leave a comment here and I will draw a winnner on Monday night and they will be postal to you on Tuesday. Good luck and Zippity Doo Dah

Monday, May 23, 2011

Week Twenty One - Gratitude

Saturday May 21st - I am grateful for a good day of resting
Sunday May 22nd - I am grateful for some time to just enjoy the flowers.
Monday May 23rd - I am grateful that even though my heart hurts, I know that God is in control
Tuesday May 24th - I am grateful that my family is safe and sound but praying for all those who are dealing with such horrible disasters. Makes you think of what if this happened to me.?
Wednesday May 25th - I am grateful for awesome friends.
Thursday May 26th - I am grateful for memories of good times
Friday May 27th - I am grateful for times of rest

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cricut Layouts and instructions

I am very busy and loving it. The chance to create and have fun is becoming my daily indulgence. I am taking some classes on Big Picture Scrapbooking, entering contests on Crop Chocolate and also on a Facebook community called : Cricut Craft Room Go check it out and tell Erica that Faye sent you. She is giving away a Mini Cricut Cake to one of her friends once she reaches 1000 friends. I am also so blessed to join her Design Team and I get to create fun things for Erica to showcase. It is a great group of ladies, stop by if you have a chance. Then I attended an all day crop Michaels on Saturday and then this Saturday I get to go to another one - so since M312ay is National Scrapbook Month - I am making sure I do just that. SCRAPBOOK!!!!

I entered this layout in a 2 contests - so far it has won one of the contests. Prize is a Cricut Plushie - yeah because I really wnated one of those little guys.

To create this layout - I first off bought the supplies to create my custom ribbon from Michaels. Making Memories has a new line called Bravisimo. I used black shiny paper and gold glitter paper to create the perfect title and photo mats and stars for the Hollywood Stars.
I cut eight 4x6 mats for the photos
Usint the Birthday Cake cartridge I cut out the letters at 1.5 inches and the stars at 1 inch. The stars are in the lower right corner when you hit the shift key and appear as a strand of 5 stars. I cut six sets to put on the page and create the middle border.
I just put it all together to create a glittery layout that is very Hollywood.

This layout is just fun. I am working on the photos of when we went to Arizona in 2009. Route 66 is the topic right now so all layouts and creations seem to revolve around that. Anyhow, the challenge to use pennants for Big Picture Scrapbooking and then use only the function keys on any Cricut Cartridge got me going.
This is how I created it: I used the Cricut cartridge "Country Life"
Pennants were 2 inches high, Simple Pleasures word is 3 inches high and letters are 1.5 inch high
Photo corners are from Jasmine and are 1 inch high
It is just a fun way to showcase photos.

This layout is the map of stops along Route 66. Since the paper already had its own border, I cut the map in half and attached it to the paper. I cut one inch letters with a border and created the title. I also created a pocket in back to hold all my brochures and such to keep them together.

These final 2 layouts are just ones I created at the crop. Enjoy and thanks for coming by.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week Twenty - Gratitude

Saturday May 14th - I am grateful for a relaxing day cropping with my friend Marian. It was a blast.
Sunday May 15th - I am grateful for a quiet day.
Monday May 16th - I am grateful that I have a place to create and have fun.
Tuesday May 17th - I am grateful that I have the freedom to worship God - that is pretty awesome
Wednesday May 18th - I am grateful that I am home
Thursday May 19th - I am grateful for medical insurance
Friday May 20th - I am grateful that my emergency medicine situation is worked out temporarily

Monday, May 9, 2011

Week Nineteen - Gratitude

Saturday May 7th - I am grateful that my scrap space is finally coming together.
Sunday May 8th - I am grateful for the most amazing mom who is also my best friend.
Monday May 9th - I am grateful that my foot is healing and I am no longer in the boot.
Tuesday May 10th - I am grateful that order is finally coming to my world
Wednesday May 11th - I am grateful a quiet day.
Thursday May 12th - I am grateful that God has blessed me with a high pain tolerance, and even more grateful for when that fails there is medicine available. Not been a good day.
Friday May 13th - I am grateful that the car is loaded for the crop tomorrow

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paper Roses Necklace + Pet Brag Book

It was a fun day today for creating. I am apart of a fun group of ladies who love to create with their Cricuts and today there was a challenge to create something with flowers and a Mothers Day gift. If you haven't joined "Erica's Room" on Facebook, you need to check it out
So being that I am a mom to a bunch of furr kids, I decided to make me a tag brag book. This is the finished creation. Now I need to add their pictures.

So here are the instructions for making the rolled paper roses that I transformed into a necklace. This was my first attempt so hopefully I can make this clearer then mud.
I used my Cricut and cut 5 circles. One at 5 inches, two at 4 inches and two at 3 inches.

Next using scissors I transformed the circles into spirals. Note the center you need to leave some room to lay your rolled flower on, the center becomes the bottom

If you want to add shading on the edge now is the time to do it.

Starting at the outer edge, start rolling the paper tightly. Go all the way to the middle, stopping just short of the center.

This is what it will look like after you are done rolling it.

Apply glue (I used Crystal Effects) to the center and set the bottom half of the flower on the base. Allow the flower to losen up to your liking and then push the base and the flower together and hold till the glue sets.

This is what your flower will look like after it has set and losened up. Make your flowers as tight or lose as you wish. Just don't let go of the flower until you are sure the glue has set and it will not unravel. It takes about a minute.

Now I chose to make my flowers into a necklace, but the possiblities are endless. Have fun and happy creating.