Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home ............ working on it

Well I did it, took a 3 bedroom house and condensed it into 2 bedrooms to make a bedroom, family room, craft room. We have our computer in the downstairs office, so that helped. Combined my kitchen stuff with mom's so basically everything found a home or is being donated or sold. This is not all with way done but close. Thought I would share how I put it all together.

Check this out.

Check out this awesome book my secret sister sent me. It is unbelievable. I hope she will share how to make some more of them. Thank you SS I love, love, love, love it.

Blessed by RAK's

I have such awesome friends. This has been another good mail week.

Veronica sent me this delicious ribbon (did I ever mention that I love ribbon) and flowers. It was a very special treat.

Then my former secret sister Maria A sent these wonderful Disney embellishments.

See you both next week. Thanks for the goodies, I love them

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I am so blessed...........

The past couple of weeks have been hard. No one could have prepared me for the emotional toll of losing our house. It will close in about 2 weeks and mom and I have done 90% of the work. It has been frustrating at best but we have the house completely empty and some friends are helping mom and I on Monday to finish it up. I need to be done with this cause each time I go in there it is getting harder and harder.
So that being said, God had a plan and my friends from all over have blessed me beyond measure. On the days that were particulary hard, I would come home to some great treats.

My friend Florence sent me a card along with some fun ribbon - I love it. Want to get some more of it cause it is way too cool Thanks Florence see ya soon.

My friend Carol is always so thoughtful. She sent lots of bling - she is trying to bring out the Diva in me. Carol I love it all - thank you

Then there was one day when - wow you can see on the bed - lots of packages with lots of love

A Teresa Collins Stampmaker - oh wow this is going to be so much fun - I haven't had time to play yet but I will. I bought this for myself - I think I deserve it LOL. oops the Diva popped out.

Then a complete set of all the Creative Escape kits for 2010. It helps to have friends who were looking out for me. Thank you Carol helping secure this for me. Can't wait to start playing

Oh then there was the paint can - see below for more info. Thanks Sandy.

Then this wonderful box of goodies from my friend Melannie. Melannie this blessed my whole family and we loved everything. Thank you so much. Melannie's family owns Marra Brothers in Morgan Hill, CA. You all need to try their awesome products.

Then Thursday this delightful notebook with ribbon came from Raquel. I loved it all and yep F is for Fun. Thanks Raquel - can't wait to meet you.

So as you can see, blessings abound even when you are losing a house. My home is with Dave and my mom and Jodi. Our furbabies complete the package. All I know that I am rich in family and friendships and that is all that matters.
Have a great week

Paint Can Swap

I am so blessed to do fun swaps with some new friends who are going to Inspiration Unlimited. Here is a paint can I received from Sandy Bobo - it is so much fun.
Here is the paint can and box full of goodies. Box was wrapped but had to open it - oh darn. I really do love this - all of it.

Here is the box full of goodies - oh how much fun is this? I love everything lots of good stuff. I love the cookbook - sew cute .

Here is what was in the can - lots and lots of goodies from ribbon to new cooking tools. So much fun and already has its place in the kitchen. Since we moved in with my mom, we are combining all of our stuff, so it was fun to have some new things to add to the kitchen

So I pulled out the potato peeler and my mom stated that it now belonged to her. She has him standing on the kitchen counter ready to give her a hand when potatos need to be peeled. I fondly referred to him as the Potato Minion. Hee hee hee

Sandy thank you for an awesome can and you will see yours soon.