Saturday, September 11, 2010

Paint Can Swap

I am so blessed to do fun swaps with some new friends who are going to Inspiration Unlimited. Here is a paint can I received from Sandy Bobo - it is so much fun.
Here is the paint can and box full of goodies. Box was wrapped but had to open it - oh darn. I really do love this - all of it.

Here is the box full of goodies - oh how much fun is this? I love everything lots of good stuff. I love the cookbook - sew cute .

Here is what was in the can - lots and lots of goodies from ribbon to new cooking tools. So much fun and already has its place in the kitchen. Since we moved in with my mom, we are combining all of our stuff, so it was fun to have some new things to add to the kitchen

So I pulled out the potato peeler and my mom stated that it now belonged to her. She has him standing on the kitchen counter ready to give her a hand when potatos need to be peeled. I fondly referred to him as the Potato Minion. Hee hee hee

Sandy thank you for an awesome can and you will see yours soon.

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