Friday, June 20, 2008

Avascular Necrosis - Are you kidding me?

Seriously there are days that I wonder..........OK God I put my life in your hands and trust you explicitly but what is this? Lupus wasn't enough. Neuropathy brought on by the Lupus and one of the medications didn't complete the package. But Avascular Necrosis may be the next one to come along which again is brought on by the Lupus and long use of steriods. As John McEnroe would say "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"
Oh how I wish I could just rewind this tape and go back to better pain free days. But alas, I can't. This newest ailment is affecting the other leg and can cause my bones to die. So surgery may loom around the corner, but no one is cutting into me before CKU. Need to wait for an MRI to truly diagnose it but my Rheumatologist is never one to blame anything on the Lupus and when she said today, what you are describing is Avascular Necrosis and it is brought on by the Lupus - huh?
OH well, God will see me through and He will be there to hold onto but I really am tired and am really sad that I have to go through more pain and more drugs. I will just continue on and put a smile on my face and make the best of each day. No matter how hard I have it, there is someone else who is dealing with much worse. I will remember to be greatful and know that I am loved.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Zutter Club Projects for June / July

This is the Zutter project for July
The shovel is a separate album that actually slips into the pail

This is the Zutter Project for June. Create it in time to put all your July 4th pictures in.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Disney Tab Album

Here it is! Another Bind It All Book and a Cricut creation. Thanks for those who took my class and thanks for stopping by to take a look.
Have a Happy week

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Scrapbooker of the Year

19 layouts and one project later, my portfolio of 20 items was sent to Creating Keepsakes on May 28th. My friend Debbie told me about it and encouraged me to go for it. Then Dave and many other friends encouraged me to go for it So with the due date being my 46th birthday and the reveal date being Dave's 48th birthday, it may appear this contest was for me. The reveal date is in Provo during CKU so who knows. I really enjoyed the process and have great layouts to show for it.
Anyhow, keep your fingers crossed and say lots of prayers. After having to give up my job when I got sick, this has been something that meant the world to me and I am proud of what I did.
I guess the biggest blessing is, that I saw how much faith my friends had in me and for that alone I am a winner

It's A Happy Birthday Week for Me

My Birthday week began with a great crop on Saturday the 24th. I was able to invite 15 of my friends to Treasured Memories and More for a FREE crop - Thank you Debbie and Sharon - you both are the best. We got to crop from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. - wahoo. I had a great time with Tara, Joni, Kelly, Anisa, Treion, Colleen, Julie, Saren, Laura, Lupe, Becky, Paula, Debbie, Sharon, and Shelly
This is Tara - my newest buddy. We are going to CKU together and getting really involved. Going to be a blast
Look at all the fun things I got at my Princess party
Yeah, this is Sharon. She had to work the store but also had time to play too. Missed getting a picture with Debby :(. Will get one someday, I am sure.
Julie is so sweet and becoming a great friend.
Yeah Colleen came too, I just love her to pieces.
OK Kelly who has been on the receiving end of the earthquakes in the area, came along with pictures of the damage. It was really bad for her . Anyhow, she got to play and we had a great time. She blessed me with the Tigger ears that I wore all day long. I loved them. Kelly is a great friend and I am glad she is in my life.
Blowing out the Candle - they had mercy on me LOL
Treion brought the cake. She slaved over it for hours. It was yummy cake.

PAULA - YOU ROCK!!! What a great friend
Laura is my Summit Scrapper buddy. She is a good friend and I am glad God brought her into my life.
OH my friend Treion is such a blessing. We deal with many health issues and we are there to support each other. She is a light in my life and I love her to pieces. God had a plan when He made our paths cross. My life is so much richer with her in my life. Love ya Treion
Hey here is Anisa, my new BFF. I just think she is so awesome and fun. Looking forward to getting to know her more. She is truly a delight.
Yeah Saren, you make my world brighter. I love your spirit and enthusiasm
My world is so much better because of my friends. They make my life richer by being here.
Saturday's crop with my buddies made whole week. My hubby took me to dinner at Johnny Carinos. It was very good.
Been a great week and I am excited that I made it another year
Yeah I turned 46 this week and it is a great thing