Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week Nine - Gratitude

Saturday February 26th - I am grateful that God knows exactly what I need to hear.
Sunday February 27th - If I am grateful then I am truly blessed.
Monday February 28th - I am grateful for inspiration
Tuesday March 1st - I am grateful for the internet.
Wednesday March 2nd - I am grateful to have 3 adorable cats.
Thursday March 3rd - I am grateful for my new I-Phone 3GS.
Friday March 4th - I am grateful for an awesome concert. Matthew West at Sparks Christian Fellowship

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week Eight - Gratitude

Saturday February 19th - I am grateful for a wonderful day working on my scrapbook. I got 12 pages done - wow
Sunday February 20th - I am grateful that my dog Daisy loves to play in the snow and entertain the family.
Monday February 21st - I am grateful for my space to create.
Tuesday February 22nd - I am grateful for those who love me.
Wednesday February 23rd - I am grateful that God has a plan.
Thursday February 24th - I am grateful for an awesome study in I Peter.
Friday February 25th - I am grateful that I can stay home and just play while it is snowing outside.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Journal Excercise - Not my best work

Have you ever thought to yourself that the creative project you're working on "isn't your best"? If that's true... then take a moment and write this down:
I am my own worst critic. I love to create but there are definitely things that I have made that I was so unhappy about :( My latest was some page swaps that I was in for Inspiration Unlimited. I didn't do my best work and will be rectifying it soon. The pages need more embellishing and one of the cricut shapes needs to be redone. I figure if I redo the pieces and send them to the other participants then at least I made it right.

what IS your personal best?
I created pictures that say "Create" for myself and my friends to hang in our craft rooms. Banners, flowers and Cricut cut letters gave it a professional touch. Everyone loved them and that is all that mattered. I love mine too

What project have you made that other people liked the most?
I try to make all the gifts I give. The Create pictures and photo albums made with canvas created lots of happy friends.

What is your BEST idea in your brain right now, that you've not yet gotten to make?
I really love the swags made with holiday or inspirational words. I am planning on making more to hang in the entryway between my rooms. Funny I always have things floating around in my head and the only thing that comes to mind is doing the banners.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Journaling Excercise - A Routine

Sometimes routines become rituals. Animals are great about keeping you on track. Before moving in with my mom, I would be the go to person for their breakfast each morning. I would get up, put my contacts in, brush my teeth and then head to the kitchen to take my morning meds. But as I was heading down the hall, all 3 dogs immediately went to the kitchen because with 3 labs it would be necessary to give them their breakfast before I took my meds. They would come in and sit in front of me and leave with their tails wagging as soon as their tummies were happy.
In our new home we are one less dog and now grandma gives them their breakfast. They are perfectly fine with getting their morning treats from her so now it is no longer one of my routines and I kind of miss it.

Journaling Excercise - Oh no I didn't

OK what have I done that I got away with? Humm I have to say nothing is coming to mind but for some reason my mind is taking me back 30 years to college. You know I was such a stinker and always up for a practical joke. From tainting brownies with a dye that would make the guys pee blue to finding alternative uses for toilet paper, I seem to be quite mischevious at times. I did have fun and my dorm room and car also received their fair share of TP. The guys also doused the door jam to our dorm with skunk oil after the brownie attack after that the dorm parents called off the chemical warfare. The worst thing that happened to me from toilet papering a car was being thrown in a swimming pool and then slipping and breaking my knee cap in 3 places. So the last 2 months of my senior year were spent on crutches and in physical therapy to heal my leg. Did I learn my lesson? Nope I never seem to outgrow TPing cars and yards. Hey it was fun.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week Seven - Gratitude

Saturday February 12th - I am grateful for sermons that affirm that sometimes life can be really rough but God will see me through.
Sunday February 13th - I am grateful for my friend Bev, who despite hard times is always positive and wonderful to everyone around her.
Monday February 14th - I am grateful for the freedom of choice.
Tuesday February 15th - I am grateful for a friend who realized that she needs to kidnap me. We are going to have a great girls weekend next month. Thanks Treion - I love ya lots.
Wednesday February 16th - I am grateful for a quiet day at home thanks to the snow.
Thursday February 17th - I am grateful that on this very snowy night that I have a warm house to live in.
Friday February 18th - I am grateful that I am almost finished with an album that journaled Christmas 2009, it has been therapeutic. I am glad that I did it and stuck with it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Journaling Excercise for Creative Retreat Class

Creative Retreat
Journal Prompt – The Big Game
February 5, 2011
The Super Bowl has many memories for me. I am not a big football fan and all I really get is TOUCHDOWN!!! But I love to watch a great game. While living in San Jose, I became a 49er fan and loved rooting them on.
When the Super Bowl was at Stanford University in 1985 – the Niners played the Dolphins. My friend Debbie and I went to Chilis for dinner and due to poor planning we got caught in some horrific traffic. We laughed so hard cause we didn’t think we were anywhere close to the game, but in the Bay Area everyone uses I-280.
In 1989 – the Niners played Cincinnati and I had a big ole Super Bowl party at my house. Was trying to impress a guy. That didn’t work so well but I made a cake in the shape of a Niners helmet and one in the shape of a football. We had lots of friends including my now brother in law and my best friend Cheryl who became my sister in law and my precious nephew Michael who was only a couple months old at the time. The girls who worked with me were there also. It was a great afternoon and one I do remember fondly.
That was pretty much the only party that I have thrown or gone too. Now the Super Bowl is on in the house and we all watch it. We love the commercials too.
Yesterday, mom and I watched the whole game. It was fun to see the Packers win. They played a good game. My favorite commercial was the Volkswagen one with Darth Vader – too cute.
Super Bowls hold good memories for me but for me it is just a time to share in something fun with those you love.

Friday, February 11, 2011

My latest creation

OK, I am getting back to creating and here we go. I made these for Christmas gifts and finally finished mine to hang in my craft room.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week Six - Gratitude

Saturday February 5th - I am grateful time to just be me.
Sunday February 6th - I am grateful for time to organize and put away.
Monday February 7th - I am grateful that no matter what.........God loves me.
Tuesday February 8th - I am grateful that Emma has had 3 good days this week.
Wednesday February 9th - I am grateful that I have many friends old and new.
Thursday February 10th - I am grateful for great friends in our LIfe Group.
Friday February 11th - I am grateful for my dog Daisy who always finds joy chasing sparkling things. It is so funny.