Saturday, February 12, 2011

Journaling Excercise for Creative Retreat Class

Creative Retreat
Journal Prompt – The Big Game
February 5, 2011
The Super Bowl has many memories for me. I am not a big football fan and all I really get is TOUCHDOWN!!! But I love to watch a great game. While living in San Jose, I became a 49er fan and loved rooting them on.
When the Super Bowl was at Stanford University in 1985 – the Niners played the Dolphins. My friend Debbie and I went to Chilis for dinner and due to poor planning we got caught in some horrific traffic. We laughed so hard cause we didn’t think we were anywhere close to the game, but in the Bay Area everyone uses I-280.
In 1989 – the Niners played Cincinnati and I had a big ole Super Bowl party at my house. Was trying to impress a guy. That didn’t work so well but I made a cake in the shape of a Niners helmet and one in the shape of a football. We had lots of friends including my now brother in law and my best friend Cheryl who became my sister in law and my precious nephew Michael who was only a couple months old at the time. The girls who worked with me were there also. It was a great afternoon and one I do remember fondly.
That was pretty much the only party that I have thrown or gone too. Now the Super Bowl is on in the house and we all watch it. We love the commercials too.
Yesterday, mom and I watched the whole game. It was fun to see the Packers win. They played a good game. My favorite commercial was the Volkswagen one with Darth Vader – too cute.
Super Bowls hold good memories for me but for me it is just a time to share in something fun with those you love.

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