Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week Thirty - Gratitude

Saturday July 23rd - Grateful for K-Love Radio Station - Great to listen to worship music when your body is not cooperating to be able to go to church.
Sunday July 24th - I am grateful for the opportunity to do #weekinthelife with Ali Edwards Design this week. Going to be a fun week.
Monday July 25th - I am grateful for the small things in life that make me smile.
Tuesday July 26th - I am grateful that God carries me when I don't have the strength to do it on my own
Wednesday July 27th - I am grateful that infection is mostly gone only one more antibiotic
Thursday July 28th - I am grateful that my body has cooperated enough so that I can go to Color Connection this weekend at Green Tangerines
Friday July 29th - I am grateful that the fire near our house was extinquished immediately.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week Twenty Nine - Gratitude

Saturday July 16th - I am grateful that I am getting more and more unpacked and put away.
Sunday July 17th - I am grateful for friends who are there through thick and thin
Monday July 18th - I am grateful that I am feeling better
Tuesday July 19th - I am grateful for kisses from my Emma - she had a great day today.
Wednesday July 20th - I am grateful that it is OK to be disappointed and tomorrow is a new day.
Thursday July 21st - I am grateful that there are miracles in everyday things.
Friday July 22nd - Fourth round of antibiotics, same infection - doesn't want to leave. Dealing with urgent care 3 different doctors and my new primary care doctor can finally see me next week. Funny thing is - I AM SICK NOW. If you have an auto immune disease - I feel you pain. So on this night of what am I grateful for - I am grateful that some nights I don't have to pretend all is well cause I am so sick still.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blog Award

After a pretty rough couple days healthwise, my friend Susan gave me a blog award. It meant alot to me and feel very fortunate to have such a great friend. Thanks Susan, you are the bestes. You all should check out her blog : It is really full of great card ideas.

So now I wish to share this award with :



Thanks ladies for all the inspiration and great blogs. Susan thank you again, you rock!!!!

Disney Tag Swap

These are the Disney Tags created for our Inspiration Unlimited Disney Tag Swap. Everyone did a fabulous job, so thought I would share them

These 2 were created by Shannon Coyne and they are fabulous!!!

Sandra King created these fun Nemo tags. Who doesn't love Nemo and Dori?

Michelle Salazar made this embossed Mickey head. I love the finished tag and the texture.

Leslie Gerhardt was very busy - the characters are so cute.

Last but not least are my fun characters.

Nice job ladies, this was an awesome swap.

Week Twenty Eight - Gratitude

Saturday July 9th - I am grateful for my kitty Chrissy who is all cuddled on the printer hanging out with her mommy.
Sunday July 10th - Grateful for the reminder to not take family for granted.
Monday July 11th - Grateful for the opportunity to create a FREE picture book - yeah
Tuesday July 12th - I am grateful that the 3rd round of antibiotics finally worked. Been a rough month. I hate Lupus.
Wednesday July 13th - Grateful for times looking at pictures and remembering special moments.
Thursday July 14th - I am grateful for some quiet time.
Friday July 15th - I am grateful that I am feeling better.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week Twenty Seven Gratitude

Saturday July 2nd - I am grateful for the freedoms I have and grateful for those who fight to keep it that way. God Bless our troops.
Sunday July 3rd - I am grateful for those who serve us each day in so many ways.
Monday July 4th - I am grateful for great patriotic songs that refresh our minds with what God has done for us.
Tuesday July 5th - I am grateful that God has His own form of justice. RIP sweet Caylee.
Wednesday July 6th - I love it when God hits a home run and drives a point home - it is pretty awesome to watch.
Thursday July 7th - I am grateful for Taco Bell for dinner - yumm LOL
Friday July 8th - I am grateful that God does provide in times of need.