Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week Twenty Nine - Gratitude

Saturday July 16th - I am grateful that I am getting more and more unpacked and put away.
Sunday July 17th - I am grateful for friends who are there through thick and thin
Monday July 18th - I am grateful that I am feeling better
Tuesday July 19th - I am grateful for kisses from my Emma - she had a great day today.
Wednesday July 20th - I am grateful that it is OK to be disappointed and tomorrow is a new day.
Thursday July 21st - I am grateful that there are miracles in everyday things.
Friday July 22nd - Fourth round of antibiotics, same infection - doesn't want to leave. Dealing with urgent care 3 different doctors and my new primary care doctor can finally see me next week. Funny thing is - I AM SICK NOW. If you have an auto immune disease - I feel you pain. So on this night of what am I grateful for - I am grateful that some nights I don't have to pretend all is well cause I am so sick still.

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