Friday, August 19, 2016

Turning the Corner

The past 7+ months have been extremely difficult.   I don't know how to navigate this new world that I am living in.  At times it gets overwhelming.   I just take it minute by minute sometimes.   I have cried a lot the past couple days - I really miss her.  

That being said - I need to regroup.  

It is time to turn the corner - time to live life.   I want to start creating again, that is really good for my soul.   It is my therapy.   Jodi would love to sit with me and play while I worked on projects and I really miss that.  

I am going to submit some things for a Design Team - who knows what is going to happen.   I have plans - I know what I want to do, so now it is time to DO IT!!!!

Keep an eye out here - cause good things and sweet memories will be shared.