Monday, October 31, 2011

Week Forty Four - Gratitude

Saturday October 29th - I am grateful for the new scrapbook store in Sparks - yeah
Sunday October 30th - I am grateful for time to decorate for Halloween, mom, Dave and I had fun

Monday October 31st - I am grateful for a great time handing out candy to the kiddos with my mom. We sat outside on the porch and talked - it was great
Tuesday November 1st - Grateful for a quiet day when I didn't feel well.
Wednesday November 2nd - Grateful that my dog Emma still realizes that I am her mommy
Thursday November 3rd - Grateful for friends who are just always there
Friday November 4th - Grateful for a great date night with my hubby. We went to Disney on Ice - it was great

Monday, October 24, 2011

Week Forty Three-Gratitude

Saturday October 22nd - Grateful for time to just be me
Sunday October 23rd - Grateful that finally it is all coming together
Monday October 24th - Grateful for time to sleep when my body hurts so badly
Tuesday October 25th - I am grateful for some time to reflect
Wednesday October 26th - I am grateful for time to just do nothing
Thursday October 27th - Grateful that Emma is doing better
Friday October 28th - I am grateful for friends who are there no matter how many times you chat with them

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cricut Montly Contest - October

I created this for my mom. I used Best Creations Haunted House papers. I used Cricut cartridges Chic and Scary plus Flower shop. Used an 11x14 frame and had fun adding a Girl's Paperie charm along with bling and tulle. She decided to hang it out on the front porch so everyone can see it.
Happy Haunting

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My time at Inspiration Unlimited #2

After a good nights sleep, I was up bright and early to start the day. Unfortunately my body wanted to fight me but I won. At least we were able to stay in our group room and the teachers came to us. That definitely made it easier. Friday morning started off with a class by Janet Hopkins. I have to say that I really like her. She is one of the nicest people I have met and we have connected with some similar things in our lives. She was sick but made it for Thursday and Friday and went back home. I am sorry that she won't be there next year because I really enjoyed her class this year and next. Guess I will just have to keep up with her. Thanks Janet for a great class!!!

Group photo Florence, me, Janet, Janet, Renee and Melannie - aren't we cute?

This was a fun class because we did a book called The Story of Us but made our own bindings. Very cute and useful idea

The next class was with Teresa Collins and it was a fun book using her Notations line. A-Z all about me. Book is together but have to start filling it in. I am looking forward to getting it done. We used the Provocraft Book Maker and it was lots of fun.

Dave volunteered to help Ginger this year. He was on the prize patrol and loved it.

The final class for the day was with Amber Packer and we did 2 layouts using My Minds Eye product. I love the glitter and flowers of both layouts. They were both awesome.

Friday night was a crop and free make and takes from the vendors at the event. It was a fun night but was tired so back to the room to relax and get ready for Saturday.
One highlight of the night was Dave. He found a flower that my friend Melannie had lost, we were given them at registration and he put it in his hair. Actually wore it till we found out that it was Melannie's.
Even with little hair, it managed to stick.

I did have some time to talk to my secret sister April Berg. She gave to me and I gave to her. We had a great time. Thanks April for all the great goodies. You are the best.

Week Forty Two - Gratitude

Saturday October 15th - Grateful for a better day today
Sunday October 16th - Warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream enough said
Monday October 17th - Grateful for a warm fall day in October
Tuesday October 18th - Grateful for an awesome vet who is always there
Wednesday October 19th - Grateful for 20 years of marriage. Not always easy but I know that Dave loves me.
Thursday October 20th - Grateful that God knows what I need
Friday October 21st - Grateful that sometimes I can splurge and spoil myself and those around me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week Forty One - Gratitude

Saturday October 8th - I am grateful for a relaxing day
Sunday October 9th - I am grateful for words of wisdom to share
Monday October 10th - I am grateful for photos, they provide many great memories.
Tuesday October 11th - I am grateful for time to rest when my body is fighting me.
Wednesday October 12th - I am grateful for inspiration and time to create.
Thursday October 13th - I am grateful for special treats in the mail. Thank you so much Susan.
Friday October 14th - I am grateful for the peace only God can give me.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My time at Inspiration Unlimited #1

Two weeks ago I was in Henderson, Nevada for Inspiration Unlimited. We left on Wednesday September 21st in the morning with the attempt to make it in time for a group dinner at the resort buffet.
Well what was supposed to be a 7 hour journey became a 9.5 hour trip due to road distruction LOL. With the lupus and what all it does to my body, that proved to be a very long and tiring trip. With having to sit for that long my legs and other parts of my body hurt badly.
We finally arrived stopped and had dinner at Claim Jumper and then checked in. The Green Valley Resort is absolutely beautiful but you expect that in the Las Vegas area.

Thursday morning began with breakfast with my friend Karen and then we were off to play in Amy Coon's Technique Journal class. What fun it was, we got to make a mess and I must admit I LOVED IT!!!!! I am looking forward to continuing with it. Thanks Amy for an awesome class.

Next was a great class by Imaginisce. We made this Christmas flip album what was so delightful. I still need to finish it and then buy more of the flip frames from IKEA, it is so cute. I was blessed to sit by my friend Janet Kapke, we had a great time. On top of that huge blessing of a great class, as I was leaving the teacher knowing that we traveled by car, handed me all the left over paper and such from the class - wow that was great cause I loved the paper. I was able to take out what I wanted and then many of my friends were able to have some too. It was so cool, what a great blessing. Thank you so much Imaginisce for the great products and great class. I almost forgot I also won a prize of travel embellishments too.

At this point Dave is taking some ladies to 2 of the local scrapbook stores plus Hobby Lobby. They had so much fun but I opted to stay back at the hotel instead of going shopping cause I could tell that my body just needed to rest. Though I finished working on gifts for my friends at IU, it was still relaxing and much needed down time. I get so frustrated with this disease because no matter what I do, I pay a price pain wise and it seems so unfair.

This is my work area, I finished up gifts for my friends and they all came to my room to get their albums and other goodies. It really was a fun afternoon.

This is the paint can that I gave my paint can partner - Michelle Candelaria. She forgot to bring mine but hope to get it soon.

My secret sister April Berg gave me all these goodie - she is awesome

Dave helped Ginger in the onsite store and had a blast. This was after doing 2 rounds of shopping tours with a group of 12 ladies. They all loved him. I finally made it downstairs and my legs were beginning to give out. The burning and the pain is so hard and at one point he spotted me and told me to sit down. He could tell that I was going to fall down and so I sat. He went and got me a cold drink, he really tried to take care of me but could tell on day two that my body was beginning to fight me and that is not fun.

Check out the candy bar that was set up in the teacher meet and great - yummm

After getting my registration goodies, visiting with the teachers in a meet and greet, I had one more extra class with ProvoCraft. OH my that was just the bestest experience. Not only did we create a fabulous clipboard, they gave us many Cuttlebug embossing folders and it was just plain fun. My friend Janet was with me and we really enjoyed the time there. They were giving away a Cricut Cake, a Cricut Imagine and a Cricut Expression 2. The clipboard we made had papers from Teresa Collins Black and White cartridge and were so cool, oh I so wanted to win the Imagine. But truth be told, I don't have room for it but a girl can still want. Well I didn't win it and that was OK cause I am sure the lady who did was going to love it too. Then came the drawing for the E2 - guess whose name they called - yep me. I was so happy but heres the thing I already had one. I got it in May when they first came out and I LOVE IT!!!! So, I said to please draw another name because I had one. To my amazement the teacher - Shannon then said well then I will give you a $200 credit on WOW was not expecting that, I just felt I wanted someone else to have the E2 cause I don't need 2 of them. So once again God blessed me and I was very grateful Thanks Shannon and thanks Provocraft, you all rock.

Class got out at 9:30 and Dave finished up helping Ginger and met me at the class to carry all my stuff up to the room. The rest of the evening was quiet. Took my pain meds and then off to bed, going to be an early morning. What is so hard about events like this, is the fact I really enjoy them but my body has its own agenda. So that being said, first day of extra classes, proved to be a great day, so all in all I was thrilled to be there and with all my friends.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week Forty - Gratitude

Saturday October 1st - I am grateful for my husband and his wonderful sense of humor
Sunday October 2nd - I am grateful that I can say whatever I want - my opinion matters.
Monday October 3rd - I am grateful for sleep, sometimes my body just needs it.
Tuesday October 4th - I am grateful for life group, we really have a great group of friends in our small group
Wednesday October 5th - I am grateful for a very warm house since the cold weather seems to want to come visit
Thursday October 6th - I am grateful that no matter the need, we can always rely on God
Friday October 7th - I am grateful for God's answer to my prescription drug insurance, He blew me away with what He did