Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week Forty - Gratitude

Saturday October 1st - I am grateful for my husband and his wonderful sense of humor
Sunday October 2nd - I am grateful that I can say whatever I want - my opinion matters.
Monday October 3rd - I am grateful for sleep, sometimes my body just needs it.
Tuesday October 4th - I am grateful for life group, we really have a great group of friends in our small group
Wednesday October 5th - I am grateful for a very warm house since the cold weather seems to want to come visit
Thursday October 6th - I am grateful that no matter the need, we can always rely on God
Friday October 7th - I am grateful for God's answer to my prescription drug insurance, He blew me away with what He did

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Susan said...

Hey Faye!

Just stoppin in to say hi and give big crafting {{hugs}}. Hope all is well!

Have a great day!