Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week Thirteen - Gratitude

Saturday March 26th - I am grateful for friends who can give homes to stuff I had to get rid of. I at least know that they will cherish it too.
Sunday March 27th - I am grateful for my nieces, Sarah, Ruth and Joanna. They have grown up to be beautiful Christian women and awesome mothers. I am very proud of the 3 of them.
Monday March 28th - I am grateful that through sharing, others are blessed and then that blesses me too.
Tuesday March 29th - I am grateful for my cat Snickers who is such a character and full of mischief
Wednesday March 30th - I am grateful for Proverbs 17:17
Thursday March 31st - I am grateful for a beautiful spring day - it was awesome.
Friday April 1st - I am grateful that God knows what I need.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week Twelve - Gratitude

Saturday March 19th - I am grateful for an awesome sermon tonight
Sunday March 20th - I am grateful that today is the first day of spring, now if the snow would just go away.
Monday March 21st - I am grateful that the snow melted quickly
Tuesday March 22nd - I am grateful that the sun was shining all day long.
Wednesday March 23rd - I am grateful for a good nights sleep.
Thursday March 24th - I am grateful for the sweet memories of my dog Belle but am so sad that a year ago today that I had to say goodbye to her. I miss her terribly.
Friday March 25th - I am grateful for clearance sales at Michaels - lots of great buys today

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week Eleven - Gratitude

Saturday March 12th - I am grateful that my family and friends are safe and sound.
Sunday March 13th - I am grateful that my family is all safe and sound
Monday March 14th - I am grateful for friends who are flexible.
Tuesday March 15th - I am grateful for a new day.
Wednesday March 16th - I am grateful that it is lighter later
Thursday March 17th - I am grateful for my mom
Friday March 18th - I am grateful for photos, able to relive special memories


I am so blessed to be able to create fun things for my friend Janet's new business. The flowers are so awesome. Find her on Facebook at J. Creations or visit her website:
Thanks Janet for letting me play.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week Ten - Gratitude

Saturday March 5th - I am grateful that my friend Dave is doing OK after his sudden illness.
Sunday March 6th - I am grateful for prayer
Monday March 7th - I am grateful for special surprises throughout the day.
Tuesday March 8th - I am grateful for every breath that I take
Wednesday March 9th - I am grateful for anticipation
Thursday March 10th - I am grateful that during tragedy we can all join hands in cyber space and pray. Let's keep Japan in the forefront of our prayers.
Friday March 11th - I am grateful that God has a perfect plan.