Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ouch Update

Just an update on Tuesdays accident. Dave took me to Urgent Care where they did X-Rays and thank God. NO BROKEN BONES. Deep Tissue Trauma and a very black and blue leg that hurts but nothing broken. As bad as my leg looks, it is only a gift from God that I didn't break anything.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, you are all the best

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Well today is not one of my finer days :(
Recently my rheumatologist called me to inform me that my Vitamin D level in my blood was basically non existent. It is supposed to be between 30-100 and mine was 7
So that means that basically I can break bones very easily so till they can get drugs in me to fix this problem I have to be very careful
Well someone should have told my feet that because today I took a dive and landed on my already weak leg due to neuropathy.
To say I am hurting is an understatement. Dave took me to urgent care and will have x-ray reports tomorrow.
Anyhow, that has slowed me up considerably for tonight
Will have some great pictures of things to share with you all soon but till then percocet and I are going to go night night
Sweet Dreams all

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Zutter Bind It All rocks!!!!!!

How I lived this long without this great tool, but alas our LSS is carrying the Zutter Bind It All and I bought it. I have had a wonderful time creating little books and then a banner to show off the holidays. Wow what fun. What is even better, all the creations are on display at Treasured Memories and More. I also get to teach two classes using the Bind It All - an acrylic cookbook and the Ho Ho Ho Banner.

Dave bought me The Dreamkutz by Zutter when we were at the San Jose Scrapbook Expo so I am well on my way with all the great tools from Zutter.