Monday, November 28, 2011

Week Forty Eight - Gratitude

Saturday November 26th - I am grateful for a home to live in and family to love
Sunday November 27th - I am grateful that going through Christmas decorations bring back happy memories of holidays past
Monday November 28th - I am grateful for time to decorate our house and celebrate Christmas.
Tuesday November 29th - I am grateful that Emma is healing and doing better. My heart is so heavy for her. She is such a brave girl - I love her.
Wednesday November 30th - Grateful for my best friend Treion who meets adversity with gusto. She relies on God for strength, she is such an inspiration
Thursday December 1st - I am grateful for a fun evening of creating
Friday December 2nd - I am grateful for a silly afternoon giggling with my sister

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week Forty Seven - Gratitude

Saturday November 19th - I am grateful that the fire in Reno is almost contained. God sent snow to douse the flames. Praying for all those involved.
Sunday November 20th - I am grateful for homemade chili and cornbread for dinner on a cold night
Monday November 21st - I am grateful that I have a roof over my head - I pray for those who don't
Tuesday November 22nd - I am grateful for a special gift that came my way today. It lifted my spirits on a painful day
Wednesday November 23rd - I am grateful that money was available to buy groceries for my family. I am feeling blessed that God has provided.
Thursday November 24th - I am grateful for a great day with my family
Friday November 25th - I am grateful for fun day shopping and getting items on sale

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Time at Inspiration Unlimited #3

Saturday morning started off bright and early with a class with Teresa Collins. It was a travel binder and is so much fun. Going to use it for the Grand Canyon. That trip deserves many albums for sure. Love the class, but was tired and body was failing me. Sit back relax and enjoy the fun cause it was the last day of IU and I wanted to take it all in.

Janet and Renee were my tablemates and we had a great time

So blessed for this awesome giveaway from ProvoCraft - Love it. It is actually a cartridge I had wanted so how fun to get it as a gift.

We went outside for a group photo - Dazziling Diva's ROCK!!!
What a great group of ladies.

The next class was with Joey from Bazzill. We made a delightful album and I love it. So much fun. Joey was so fun and so full of energy. I really enjoyed getting to know her. That class even now still makes me smile.

Dave kept busy handing out goodies to each class. He enjoyed being on the prize patrol. Ginger kept him busy. Thanks Ginger for letting him help.

This is my paint can partner - Michelle. I had so much fun with her can. Mine is supposed to be here sometime soon.

The last class was with Layle and we did 2 layouts. They were so cool and loved everything about them, I love the class and had a great time. I am trying to decide what photos to use. I loved having Layle as a teacher again. She is so fun and love her attitude. Thanks Layle.

Through the day my body just fought me. I was so tired and every muscle was so fatiqued. I just sat and worked but was so slow. My hands were so cramped and it made me so mad. I hate what this disease does to my body and hate that some days that I can't keep up. At the end of the day, Dave met me in class and took my stuff up to the room and we went to dinner at the food court. I knew if I walked to the room then I would not be able to go back down. After dinner we were able to go in and sit down in the room for the closing ceremonies. The bonus of husband who was helping out. I know that we got looks and some get an attitude, but hey I would rather stand in line and have no disease then be forced to find a seat before I fall down. That was hard for me because I hate it when others can tell that I am not doing well and that night the pain was more then I could bare. Funny thing is I was more rested on this trip then the year before and my body behaved worse, bad body. I say all this because sometimes things are given to some because of issues in their lives. It isn't that it is unfair it is more that it is a gesture to make their life easier. Pain and disease sometimes can be unbearable and a small gesture means alot. Try to see the whole picture, not just what you are missing in life. Be grateful that you don't have to deal with diseases that cripple your body. Just sayin'

The keynote speaker was Jill Strasburg and wow her story is unbelievable. She inspired me in so many ways. If you don't know about Jill then check out her website You will be inspired and hey it is always good to remember we are all special no matter who we are or what we look like.

All in all an awesome event and so glad that I could attend again. Thank you Ginger and Teresa for another awesome year. You both are the best.

Back to the room, time to pack it up and get ready to go home. This is the car all packed up with my treasures and we left. Car doesn't seem to be as full - humm what did I bring with me LOL

We went to this fun restaurant for breakfast. This coffee cake was to die for. So yummy. We actually brought some home

We finished breakfast and got on the road. Another trip done and a great event with my scrapping friends. I had a hard time recouping my strength but it was well worth it. I loved it and can't wait till next year.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week Forty Six - Gratitude

Saturday November 12th - Grateful for vicodin to deal with broken rib pain - I can't believe I have another one :(
Sunday November 13th - I am grateful for the realization that life is fragile and we should not take loved ones for granted. RIP JK Metzker
Monday November 14th - I am grateful for a quiet night
Tuesday November 15th - I am grateful for breakfast for dinner - french toast was yummy.
Wednesday November 16th - I am grateful for God's Love and His Mercy - I need it everyday
Thursday November 17th - I am grateful for times to just go shop and start planning fun Christmas Gifts.
Friday November 18th - I am grateful that Emma and Mom weren't seriously hurt this morning. It really could have been very bad.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Week Forty Five - Gratitude

Saturday November 5th - Grateful for medications that might keep this infection in line.
Sunday November 6th - Grateful that there was minimal snow today. Yeah it stayed in the mountains - but it is still cold
Monday November 7th - Grateful for friends near and far
Tuesday November 8th - Grateful for time to just sit and talk to God
Wednesday November 9th - Grateful for the miracle of being able to go back to my favorite doctor. She now takes my insurance - thank you God!!!
Thursday November 10th - Grateful for memories of Belle that bring tears and smiles. I miss her so much.

Friday November 11th - Grateful for all the men and women who have served our country. God bless you all and thank you.