Monday, December 27, 2010

My Worst Fears............

This year has been on of those that can be recorded as "My Worst Fears" Over the past months things have happened that would definitely be ones I was fearful of. Now that I am through them and survived, they are no longer fears but victories that I made it through.
1. I was a afraid that Dave would lose his position of 10 years. Well he did, he was fired and with that there was a downward spiral of other fears. He is working part time and we are hoping for a full time job soon.
2. We would lose our house. We did but on our terms. We did a short sale and though it was tough, we still had a place to live and that is all that matters. Still hard to look at the other house but I do and the pain is getting easier to handle. Still working on getting settled at home.
3. Loss of medical insurance is the scariest thing. With multiple health issues stemming from Lupus, having no insurance is terrifying. Well with medicare and medicare advantage plans, there is some coverage and trusting God that situation will be remedied soon.
4. Loss of one of our dogs. We lost Belle in March. We got her when we got the house and losing her along with the house was beyond painful. I am really not over that but each day gets easier.
5.Epidural shots happened before the year began to deal with nerve issues in my legs. I was always terrified of the thought of an epidural but hey guess what, I survived.
6. Another fear was something catastrophic happening to Jodi. Well we have made it through 2 seizure episodes, multiple doctor visits, an ER visit and and EEG. I pray for her safety and am trusting to protect her.
7. My biggest fear came to life in August and it took me days to get past it. I did and now it isn't has scary. Still serious but scary is gone.

Life is full of bad and hard times. Loss is part of the cycle but looking back, it was hard but I survived. I like to think that God just carried me through. It has left me with a few war wounds but thank God I survived.

2011 needs to be a fresh start and calmer. It is time to bring order back into my world and share with other all the great ways God saw me through
Happy New Year to everyone and remember fears can be overcome, all you have to do is trust that God will see you through. I just have to keep reminding myself of that God will see you through and look back on how He did just that

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and God's blessing for a marvelous New Year. Will post some fun pictures very soon.