Tuesday, November 18, 2008

CKU Provo Chronicles #5 - Secret Sisters

What fun it is to have secret sisters. I enjoying spoiling as much as I get spoiled. On the CKUProvo Yahoo Board, I participated in the Secret Sister swap. I gave to Diana Hufnagel. She was so much fun. She loved purple so I loved finding all the purple I could. She was one of my favorite people to meet at CKU. Her mom Linda was wonderful too. Two great ladies - lots of smiles

Liesl Doty gave to me and she was wonderful. I loved chatting with her before CKU and we seemed to have lost touch since comeing home. I need to fix that. Anyhow, she spoiled me rotten.

This was my final package of goodies from Liesl. Disney, Zutter and all other great things that I love and use. THANK YOU SO MUCH LIESL - YOU ROCKED!!!

We did Secret Sisters for our Album Track. I was in a swap square, it was funny when we saw how it was all working out.

Tara Chapman gave to Maria Angel
Maria Angel gave to me
I gave to Emily Irwin (whom I also gave to last year - talk about hard LOL)
Emily gave to Tara Chapman

It was so funny but it all worked out and we all had great secret sisters.

This is the package of goodies that Maria gave me for my final gift. All the things I love and more Zutter wires - yeah Thank you so much Maria you were awesome. Maria also came with her mom Nancy and they are awesome. They were another huge blessing of the trip.

This is the adorable theme book that Emily gave me for being her SS. She is so thoughtful and always has treats for her SS. So Emily, I am sure more See's Bordeaux's will come your way again next year. It is becoming a tradition.

Thanks to all my SS's this round. You all were the best.

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