Sunday, November 23, 2008

CKU Provo Chronicles #8 - Inspiration Stations and I am such a dork!!

The first official day of CKU was Thursday. We had a series of make and takes called Inspiration Stations. Instead of like in years past where we walked around going from table to table to make a book of our Favorite things, this time we sat in one room all day and the teachers rotated in to our rooms.

This is before the doors opened and we were allowed into our rooms to begin our day.

One of the things that I most looked foward to at both San Jose and Anaheim was the chance to meet Lisa Bearnson. She did not attend either CKU and I was bummed. But this year in Provo, there she was. To my delight she was the instructor for our first make and take. I about fell off my chair. I was so excited to finally be in the same room as she was. (OK here comes the dork LOL)

She gave the instructions for our project and then began to work the room. When she got to our table, I totally gushed and told her how awesome I think she is and how excited I am to meet her and that I loved her work and watching her on QVC. I think I did all of that without taking a breath. I was totally star struck, I just couldn't believe that I was getting to chat with her and I was giddy with excitement. You can ask Tara, she will confirm that I was a dork. Anyhow, Lisa signed my bag and then took a picture with us. So anyhow, it really made my trip and was a definate highlight.

These are 2 of the pages we created that day.

Along with Lisa, we were blessed with classes from Brandon Brazel, Tim Holtz, Lance Anderson, Margie Romney-Aslett, Brittany Beattie and Ali Edwards. Inspirations Stations were a blast. The album we created throughout the day, was perfect for CKU memories.

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