Saturday, November 22, 2008

CKU Provo Chronicles #6 - Dorms

Part of the fun of attending CKU is being in a dorm. A dorm is a group that forms to create a song / story, a table centerpiece, nametags and characters to tell the CKU story. Our group decided to do a parady of Dr. Seuss books. We had a great time, from the Grinch, Thing-a-dile One and Two, Scrap I Am, Horton etc we were an ecclectic combination of Dr. Seuss characters. This is the logo we used for our group T-Shirt that we wore on Thursday the first official day of CKU Provo. Our dorm buddy Karen created these works of art. Thanks Karen for all your hard work.

With Grunge Mountain in the center, our village of CKUVille was created around the mountain. This is our entire group in our fun outfits.

This is our group on stage performing. We were one of 3 dorms asked to perform - yahoo!!! We won 2nd place for performing our little story and song.

A Reading (borrowed from “The Cat in the Hat”)
We sat there, that Wednesday,
We sat there, in fear
And oh how we wished
registration was here.

All anxious and worried
We might not get in
The clock slowly ticking
When could we begin?

Yes, all we could do was to
Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit!
And we did not like it
Not one little bit.

Then something went BLIP!
How that blip made us FLIP!

We looked, then we saw it
We frantically type
Got my album track – WOW!

The homeroom was next
Would we get into B?
The class block is full,
Guess we’ll have to take D.

We give a big sigh,
We’re finally done.
All that’s left now
Is get set for some fun!

Our classes in hand
We head to YAHOO
We post “WE GOT IN!”
“Hey, how about you?”

Now, we’re gathered together
Our passion, so true
With others who “get it”
Where else? C-K-U!

SONG (sung to the tune of "Mr. Grinch")
You're a keen one, Mr. Holtz
You taught scrappers to distress
With a craft sheet on our table
We will never have a mess
Mr. Hooool-tz
You're a favorite with the ladies
That, we confess.

You’re a dilly, Pickle-Guy
Your techniques, they’ll never “Rust”
Lance inspires us with stories
A scrapper we can trust
We can’t wait to start on
“A Story of Us”!

You’re outrageous, Thing-a-diles
Margie, you and Debbie ROCK!
Using shimmer on our accents
Or painting on cardstock
With both of your albums,
We’ll be scrappin’ round the clock!

You're an artist, Ali E
Capture life from day-to-day
You brought freedom to our scrapping
And we'd really like to say
Ali Eeeee-E
The three words that best describe you are,
and I quote: "IT. IS. OKAY!”

This is my name tag. We each made little books with our character and made a little story about us in each book. I was Scrap I Am ~ Would you like green eyelets and brads. LOL

Jennifer and Angie the awesome mother daughter duo were Thing-a-dile One and Thing-a-dile Two. They were a riot.

Our pregnant momma Val played Horton hears a pickle and was thrilled to poke fun at Lance Armstrong from Rusty Pickle. Tara was my CKU buddy and she played the other Green Eyelets and Brads character who only did digital scrapbooking - paying homage to Jessica Sprague

Here we are the Green Eyelets and Brads gang. Thanks Tara for being my CKU partner in crime.

This is my CKUVille store front. Brads Etc.

One final look at our great group. Thanks Emily for pulling us all together. So to Tara, Maria, Emily,Kim, Karen, Jennifer, Tracy, Angie and Val CKU Provo will always be special because of you all. It was great!!!!

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emily said...

Thx for a great trip down memory lane! I always love to look back at my CKU trips. Makes me sad to think that I don't get to see my great scrappin' buds except for once a year (or so). But I love the memories...and ain't that what it's all about?