Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week Thirty - Gratitude

Saturday July 23rd - Grateful for K-Love Radio Station - Great to listen to worship music when your body is not cooperating to be able to go to church.
Sunday July 24th - I am grateful for the opportunity to do #weekinthelife with Ali Edwards Design this week. Going to be a fun week.
Monday July 25th - I am grateful for the small things in life that make me smile.
Tuesday July 26th - I am grateful that God carries me when I don't have the strength to do it on my own
Wednesday July 27th - I am grateful that infection is mostly gone only one more antibiotic
Thursday July 28th - I am grateful that my body has cooperated enough so that I can go to Color Connection this weekend at Green Tangerines
Friday July 29th - I am grateful that the fire near our house was extinquished immediately.


Susan said...

Hey Faye!

How are you doing my friend? Thought I'd pop in and see how you're doing. You know, I do love reading your lists of what you are grateful for, it makes me remember to appreciate things too! Hope all is well!


Faye's Crafti Corner said...

Hey Susan,
I am a bit behind, thanks for the compliments. It really helps to find something good in the day. How are you doing?