Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week Seven - Gratitude

Saturday February 12th - I am grateful for sermons that affirm that sometimes life can be really rough but God will see me through.
Sunday February 13th - I am grateful for my friend Bev, who despite hard times is always positive and wonderful to everyone around her.
Monday February 14th - I am grateful for the freedom of choice.
Tuesday February 15th - I am grateful for a friend who realized that she needs to kidnap me. We are going to have a great girls weekend next month. Thanks Treion - I love ya lots.
Wednesday February 16th - I am grateful for a quiet day at home thanks to the snow.
Thursday February 17th - I am grateful that on this very snowy night that I have a warm house to live in.
Friday February 18th - I am grateful that I am almost finished with an album that journaled Christmas 2009, it has been therapeutic. I am glad that I did it and stuck with it.

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