Thursday, February 17, 2011

Journal Excercise - Not my best work

Have you ever thought to yourself that the creative project you're working on "isn't your best"? If that's true... then take a moment and write this down:
I am my own worst critic. I love to create but there are definitely things that I have made that I was so unhappy about :( My latest was some page swaps that I was in for Inspiration Unlimited. I didn't do my best work and will be rectifying it soon. The pages need more embellishing and one of the cricut shapes needs to be redone. I figure if I redo the pieces and send them to the other participants then at least I made it right.

what IS your personal best?
I created pictures that say "Create" for myself and my friends to hang in our craft rooms. Banners, flowers and Cricut cut letters gave it a professional touch. Everyone loved them and that is all that mattered. I love mine too

What project have you made that other people liked the most?
I try to make all the gifts I give. The Create pictures and photo albums made with canvas created lots of happy friends.

What is your BEST idea in your brain right now, that you've not yet gotten to make?
I really love the swags made with holiday or inspirational words. I am planning on making more to hang in the entryway between my rooms. Funny I always have things floating around in my head and the only thing that comes to mind is doing the banners.

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