Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Journaling Excercise - Oh no I didn't

OK what have I done that I got away with? Humm I have to say nothing is coming to mind but for some reason my mind is taking me back 30 years to college. You know I was such a stinker and always up for a practical joke. From tainting brownies with a dye that would make the guys pee blue to finding alternative uses for toilet paper, I seem to be quite mischevious at times. I did have fun and my dorm room and car also received their fair share of TP. The guys also doused the door jam to our dorm with skunk oil after the brownie attack after that the dorm parents called off the chemical warfare. The worst thing that happened to me from toilet papering a car was being thrown in a swimming pool and then slipping and breaking my knee cap in 3 places. So the last 2 months of my senior year were spent on crutches and in physical therapy to heal my leg. Did I learn my lesson? Nope I never seem to outgrow TPing cars and yards. Hey it was fun.

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