Friday, June 20, 2008

Avascular Necrosis - Are you kidding me?

Seriously there are days that I wonder..........OK God I put my life in your hands and trust you explicitly but what is this? Lupus wasn't enough. Neuropathy brought on by the Lupus and one of the medications didn't complete the package. But Avascular Necrosis may be the next one to come along which again is brought on by the Lupus and long use of steriods. As John McEnroe would say "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"
Oh how I wish I could just rewind this tape and go back to better pain free days. But alas, I can't. This newest ailment is affecting the other leg and can cause my bones to die. So surgery may loom around the corner, but no one is cutting into me before CKU. Need to wait for an MRI to truly diagnose it but my Rheumatologist is never one to blame anything on the Lupus and when she said today, what you are describing is Avascular Necrosis and it is brought on by the Lupus - huh?
OH well, God will see me through and He will be there to hold onto but I really am tired and am really sad that I have to go through more pain and more drugs. I will just continue on and put a smile on my face and make the best of each day. No matter how hard I have it, there is someone else who is dealing with much worse. I will remember to be greatful and know that I am loved.


Debbie said...

Oh Faye, I wish I could do something to help! Let me know if I can do anything. We'll get together soon. I hope tomorrow is a better day.


Sharon Coad said...

Oh sweetie, I'm sorry you have to deal with one more thing. Hang in there and know that I'm here for you if you need anything. You have a great support in your friends that will help you so don't hesitate to ask.