Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CE Ribbon Swap

Here they are, the fun pins to wear at CE. There is going to be lots of great ribbon to swap.

Check out who is getting their pins this week...........there is still time to get one of your own, comment on this post and you will get a fun silver pin.

Gold Pins
1. Faye Warriner
2. Anjanette Sanches
3. Lisa Ritchie
4. Melanie Arellano
5. Tamara Schulz
6. Connie Casement
7. Veronica Montenieri
8. Candi Ladwig
9. Kim Copeland
10. Kate Burroughs
11. Kim Schroeder
12. Dawn Hueber
13. Florence Germono
14. Michelle Aguilar
15. Dor Reiter
16. Shermala Austermann
17. Jody Myslinski
18. Jill Cornelius
19. Margie Rowles
20. Karen Engelder

Silver Pins
1. Ly T Le
2. Denise Mills
3. Tammy Newger
4. Cheryl Locke
5. Dorothy Damato
6. Angela Machtmes
7. Jennifer Philips
8. Lyn Cheever

Here is my bag of ribbon all ready to go. I decided to use Ice Cream Spoons, they just looked fun. Hope more of you join the fun.


Denise said...

HiFaye! I am loving looking at all the creative stuff you have made for CE! You are artistic and proliferative! And I would love one of your silver pins to wear at CE! I'm Denise Mills, and I'm coming from Boise ID for my first CE. I have 2 little kids, and my deep dark secret is that I have not hd much time to scrap book lately!

Tammy said...

I have marked interest in the database, can't wait to swap at CE..I'd love a pin :)
Tammy Newger

Kim Schroeder said...

I received my Swapp Pin & the awesome tag!! THANKS!! Can't wait to meet you at CE.... Love the title on your page swapp - how did you make those?

Faye's Crafti Corner said...

I used my Silhouette to create all the titles and logos
Glad you liked them

78968400mom said...

hi faye

just looking at your blog-is that maria angel in your picture from green tangerines? we met at a ckyu and she is so sweet-her mom is too cool. love your disney pages. see you at CE

michelle delgado

Faye's Crafti Corner said...

Yes it is Maria Angel. She was my secret sister last year at Provo.
I adore her, she is super wonderful
See ya soon