Sunday, June 7, 2009

CE Charm Swap take one

Well, my good idea is going to work but not on black. Glossy accents are great with acrylic but..........with black paper, it shows every flaw,,,,,,ugh

Now to recreate on white

What am I going to do with 90+ acrylic inchies LOL?

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Michelle Aguilar said...

wow, they look like they are nice Faye. Hope you find something else that works
I know that I tried Shrinky Dinks again and I can't get the words on the glossy part of the side.
I used them last year and made the intial CE in green and pink and put 08 on them in black colored pencil, which turned out so cute.
I know some use them and make flowers also. I guess as we experiment, you can make alot of different varieties.

My one son makes his figures, etc. Cute!
take care