Sunday, June 28, 2009

RAK's and lots of fun

It is so much fun when the mail comes and there are fun surprises. I have been blessed by all the great RAK's that I have recieved so far. Leslie sent this great note and bling. Who doesn't love bling?

These great flowers were from Lisa. She sent them along with her Disney swap. I absolutely loved them.

Leslie sent these awesome die cuts that will make their way into my CE Scrapbook.

Oh how fun, a zebra bag with goodies. Dave ate the M&M's. He says if it is chocolate, it is fair game. LOL

Dawn sent these great pens that will make their way to my CE tool bag.

Thanks ladies for great surprises, can't wait to meet you in Phoenix

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Michelle Aguilar said...


Hello to my Secret Sister!!!! How are you??? Hey can you help me out please? you said Lisa made you those most adorable flowers and I asked Lisa M (chipndale) today via the email and she said they aren't from her. So, I was wondering is this Lisa Ritchie?

I am on 10 different yahoo boards and we are doing a technique swap now for 8x8 pages. We put the technique on the top of the pages and the instructions on how to make the technique on the bottom.
I wanted to do layered flowers and it is due on Sept. 20th.

I have eyed before this vase and flowers sort of like yours at the Scrapbook store before. Their kits are all gone though. so, if You can share where you got this that would be just great!

When I get settled and all, I will be shipping your sandalloons. I wished I just had them with me at all times as I kept running into you my dear friend Faye.

well, when you get this message, if you can plz drop me a line to tell me who it was that sent them to you, I would really appreciate it much!!!