Sunday, August 7, 2011

Inspiration Unlimited RAKS

Hi all my IU friends,
Welcome to my blog. I am getting ready to send out lots of RAKS but have a few items that I want to make sure they will be used so I need your help. Check out the list below and if there is a theme that you can use please leave a comment with the theme of treat you can currently use.
RAKS will start flying out of here this week. Also please make sure that your name and info is in the group database.
OK here we go:
*Scrapping Girl Mouse Pad
*Wood lower case alphabet stamps
*Baby Boy Journaling
*Spring Buttons
*Summer Buttons
*Acrylic Sea Shell Stamps
*Baseball embellishments
*Felt Stickers from Big Yellow Bicycle
*Cooking Embellishments
*Christmas Embellishments.

I want these goodies to get a good home so comment what one item you could use and let the fun begin.


Karen C said...

Wow. What a great opportunity! I would live felt. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Faye, you are sooo generous... Those seashell stamps are beautiful... I could definately use those... Can't wait to see everyone again... See you at CE.

Sandra King

Amyih said...

You are amazingly generous! What a character trait to model for know it is contagious! Blessings, Amy Hanschen

Linda said...

Hi Fate....Just got to your BLOG from an email. This will be my first IU and I am excited. I would love some cooking embellishments....making layouts of my mom and her sisters .... they always were in the kitchen and making something good to eat! Fond memories. Am I reading right these are Random Acts of Kindness? Soooo generous and I would love to meet you. What a role model.

Judy Chamberlain said...

Hi Faye - love the summer buttons. You are too sweet.
Judy Chamberlain

Scrappy Dawgs said...

With 3 grandsons playing baseball, i could sure use baseball embellishments. You are so sweet to do this!

Scrappy Dawgs said...

Oops forgot to add my name. Laurie guidry. This is my first IU. Suposed to go last year but was battling breast cancer. I fight i amwinning :-)

Mike said...

Hi Faye!

You know that I LOVE all things Christmas-one can never have enough!

Can't wait to see you!
Debbie Kozisek

mish said...

Awesome RAK! I will have to say the wood lowercase alpha stamps will get great use in my stash. Live along my brother-in-law who hauls wood, logs the wood and sometimes stacks and sells the wood. Also, have a son and three nephews so would work great for their pages.

mish said...

I am looking to see about the group you mentioned and a database?
Anyway, I wanted to let you know I am following you, now!
And check out your guestbook map. I added my pin marker with a pic!

Anonymous said...

Faye - you are so sweet.. I'm making baby girl layouts so anything, pink; bling and baby girl, I could definitely use. See you soon..
florence germono

Faye's Crafti Corner said...

Thanks for all who responded. RAKS going postal soon :)

sandalloons40 said...

I am surely going to miss you again at Ce, so wanna swap raks? I already have what I am getting for you at Ce this year in my mind and hope to see you at IU 2012, if I can get in. Your sweet and nice to always keep up with you on fb and this blog. My blog needs working. LOL

Faye's Crafti Corner said...

Hey all,
Make sure that all your info including zipcode is in the database. Let the fun begin

Faye's Crafti Corner said...

If you left a comment here and did not get your goodie in the mail, it is because I needed your address. Will bring the goodies with me to IU, Come find me for your special treat. Just let me know what item you commented on. See ya soon