Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week Thirty Five - Gratitude

Saturday August 27th - Grateful for great day cropping with my best friend Treion
Sunday August 28th - I am grateful for time to catch up - feeling like I have been running behind way too long.
Monday August 29th - I am grateful that I have time to clear out my email account - yikes over 1000 emails.
Tuesday August 30th - I am grateful for a new day
Wednesday August 31st - I am grateful for ice cream with my best friend on a hot summer afternoon
Thursday September 1st - I am grateful for winning a dinner for 10 at the Rib Festival and being able to give it to my mom and bless her with it. She and 9 others are going to have a great time
Friday September 2nd - I am grateful for time to relax and create.

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