Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Jodi Lynn

On April 17, 1965, I became a big sister for the second time. This time - a sister. Jodi was born a perfectly healthy bouncy baby girl. Since I wasn't quite 3 yet, I don't remember much about her coming into our world. Just before she turned 2, she contracted the German Measels, and because of severe seizures, she suffered permanent brain damage. Jodi then was stuck in 2 year old mode for the rest of her life. Being so young, I don't remember when everything transitioned but all I do know is that my sister, is my sister and will be for life. I know she feels all the emotions that we all feel but can't always tell us what she wants too.
She attends a work program during the day and I spend every afternoon with her until my mom gets home. Jodi is the light of my life and can't even imagine it without her.
On Tuesday she turned 42. Where does time go? She has the greatest sense of humor and we laugh alot. She loves to do crafts with me and is very helpful at times.
So my sweet baby sister - a 2 year old trapped in a woman's body, will never understand what happened to her and for that matter - maybe no one will ever understand, but she is loved and cherished. So at the end of the day that is all that matters.
I know that when she leaves this life, she will be in heaven with me because as a child, she can't make that declaration to accept Christ as her saviour but I already know that she is His.
We never know what will befall us and sometimes life is very unfair. Take a moment to love those in your life - make sure they know how important they are.
P.S. I found out last year, that she loves to have her picture taken. I needed photos of her for my PT Album and another CKU project. I will be snapping more photos of her soon, because she is definately going in my "Happy Things" album. Will let you see the other photos after I take them. Till then, here is a Christmas one