Sunday, July 29, 2007

Twenty Things I am Thankful For......

This weekend on the Personal Treasury Yahoo Group we had a layout challenge to do a layout of 20 things we are thankful for.

Here is my list and my layout. It is a great thing to do. What are you thankful for? Tell me, I would love to hear about it.



1. that John 3:16 shows how much God truly loves each of us.

2 that Psalm 46:10 tells me to settle down and let God have control

3. to learn that through my inabilities to do things, God's abilityshines through

4 for that warm feeling like you are receiving an internal hug whenyou are worshipping God.

5 the ability to spend every day with my little sister, Jodi

6 having time to teach Jodi new and fun things each day.

7 that I have a husband who loves me with all his heart and I lovehim more then words can say

8 the ability to not sweat the small stuff.

9 for my mom who is truly my best friend

10 for friends who are accepting and never judge, accept you for whoyou are.

11 that Lupus has taught me not to take life so seriously

12 to know that this body with all its ailments is only temporary.In Heaven I will be whole again

13 even though this disease is very hard, it has allowed me theopportunity to bless others in many ways

14 that I can still walk and move freely

15 the ability to use my hands to express myself in many ways

16 for my cats who always know when they need to snuggle in and purrwhen your having a bad day

17 for my dogs who are always happy to see me and never get tired offollowing me around the house or just laying at my feet.

18 the ability to talk daily with God - no matter what time it is andknowing that He is always there listening.

19 that no matter what, God can count on me to share His love andtell all the great things he has done for me.

20 for the ability to question why but sometimes for the inability tonot always understand the answer or see the big picture. (God has to have a few surprises)

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