Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Return of ....................................


The cast is off as of last Thursday February 5th and the break is finally healed. I truly believe that God did this as on Saturday January 31st, we had the opportunity to go up for prayer. Our dear friends Bob and Francine Warriner, prayed for me while I was still in my seat (could not walk up and stand)
My cast started causing blisters, so we were off to the doctor who took the cast and yes there were blisters forming, but the break was healed - thank you God!!!
I have to wear FRANKENFOOT until my leg gets stronger. My left leg is 1 inch thinner than my right, not the way I reccommend doing this.

But the cast otherwise known as The Bride of Frankenfoot, got to go to Disneyland and was autographed by the characters, check it out.

Then to make matters worse, of course it was pouring down rain in Disneyland. So how do you keep a cast dry? Wear a garbage bag of course.

At the end of the day, tired feet rest and here is a look at the cast. Oh by the way, I was able to keep the cast. Now what to do with this thing that I absolutely hated. Casts suck, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Maybe adding some bling or some stickles will make it more my style. Too bad I can't Zutter it.


StmpnShell said...

How fun to have the character autographs! Was that at a character breakfast??

Faye's Crafti Corner said...

Yes, it was at Minnie and Friends Breakfast. It was alot of fun