Monday, July 16, 2012

Emma Sue

November 20,1997 - July 2, 2012 My sweet girl it has been just 2 weeks since I said goodbye to you for the last time. My tears still flow when I think of you both happy and sad. You were such a trooper and you fought as hard as I did to keep you comfortable. So many things arose over the last 2 years and you just had the will to live and I wanted you to have a good life. Dimentia in humans is rough but with dogs it is a whole other world. Guess maybe my experiences with you will help me with mommies who are facing the same issues. I remember the day you came to live with us, Belle needed a playmate and you were Wednesdays Wagger on Sunny 106.9 You had been at the pound and funny thing was you old mommy and daddy were clients at my work. Though they painted you out to be a difficult dog, that did not prove to be the case. You could not have been more loving and an awesome dog. You had the sweetest disposition and loved to snuggle. You and Belle had a few scuffles but you were best buds. The only thing was you chased the cats and kind of freaked them out so we had to separate the cats from you. You loved to chase balls and could you jump!!!! You were very good at it. You could start in a standing position and be eye level instantly. You loved to go for walks but actually walked your daddy instead of visa versa. I wish that we could go back. I wish that I would have been more aware of the fact that all the change was stressing you out. Your little brain just snapped one day and we knew that nothing was going to be the same. After the move, you grew to love the bedroom upstairs. You could lay up there for hours and be so content. The cats loved you too. So often I would see one of them grooming you cause you just laid there and relaxed. We had you on such a schedule with meds and such that I find myself looking at my watch and thinking I have to give you meds and then reality sets in. The kitchen floor and the foot of the bed look naked without you, but the memories are still vivid and there. We all miss you and actually think we hear you. My sweet girl, I just hope you know that I loved you so much and only wanted your life to be full of love and comfort. Your body was failing you, so I had to say goodbye and with you went a huge chunk of my heart. I will treasure the moments that you laid in my lap and just snored before taking your last breath. So my sweet sweet girl, just know that I love you will all my heart and wish I could have done more for you but know that you are free of pain and suffering. I look at your picture everyday and smile (and cry) but mostly smile because my sweet Emma you brought so much joy to my life. I love you my sweet girl and miss you terribly.

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