Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CKU Provo Chronicles #1

Monday August 4th - we are on our way. We rented a Dodge Caravan from Enterprise, had to wait a bit for the rental so had breakfast at McDonalds. We got home, loaded the car and off we were. We were actually on the road at 9:30 p.m. A 7-11 stop for Diet Pepsi and I-80 East to Salt Lake City - then to Provo. So take note, this is the before shot. We do have a tote of Tara's but aside from her luggage and 5 boxes from Maria and Nancy - the return trip will look much different. Oh it is crazy what they give us at CKU. Back seat equipped for a few projects. I made my cards for the Bus Tour Contest and worked on some last minute dorm stuff - we found out 3 days earlier that we were performing. Good thing all the swaps and such were done. My first year that all my swaps were done, packaged and ready to go before we ever left. - Yeah
Marriott in Provo room 220 Can you tell that the car threw up into the room. OH it was scary.

We arrived in Provo about 6:00 their time so before checking in, we stopped in Orem for dinner at Fuddruckers. http://www.fuddruckers.com/ They have really yummy hamburgers. We then found out that we were within moments of Archivers.http://www.archiversonline.com/ Oh that is a fun store. I have always wanted to go to an Archivers and now I have been there twice. We finished up and off to the hotel for the night. So we thought. After going back downstairs to locate the area we were having our paint can swap, we ran into Alison M. She was experiencing altitude sickness so we were called a while later and needed to take her to the ER. Unfortunately we had to leave her there. We got back to the hotel around 1:30 a.m. and she got back at 4:30 a.m. She was able to get a cab. I just couldn't stay up any longer as I had already taken my meds and there was too many seriously sick people there. I didn't want to get sick.
Alison was fine and just got her body to adjust throughout the week.
Off to bed..................Adventures for Tuesday ----------lots of fun

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