Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CKU Provo Chronicles #2

Tuesday August 5th, we woke up later then we had hoped but after spending a good portion of the evening in ER, we did good to get up and out by 9:00 a.m. We wanted to still go on Crazy T's tour. Tracy made arrangements to see 5 different places. What was fascinating is we drove up the state. So we saw more of Utah. Utah is just beautiful. I will share pictures of that too. Our first stop was Bo Bunny. I LOVE BO BUNNY!!!! I have to say, they loved Dave and thought a hubby participating with his wife was way cool. That made Dave's day. We had the opportunity to do a make and take (at that green table) This is their warehouse. We got a tour of the whole place and then they had an area set up with wonderful sales. Got some very fun papers, kits and tools. I LOVE BO BUNNY!!!! They gave us a green tote bag just for coming along with a rub on. They had the coolest rub on tool. I actually ended up with 2, so if you are reading this note make a comment below and on Monday September 16th - I will draw a name for the really cool rub on tool. I guarantee you will love it. CONGRATULATIONS TO ARLENE.........YOU WON THE BO BUNNY RUB ON TOOL. EMAIL ME SO WE CAN DISCUSS HOW TO GET IT TO YOU. CONGRATS!!

We then drove up the state to Tracy's store that is in her basement. It was so cool and had such fun stuff. I didn't have a hard time finding something to buy - LOL
Thanks T for everything - you rocked.
From there we headed to Adorn It / Carolee's Creations. We did a warehouse tour along with seeing how all the designs came to be. The owner started out doing Tole Painting books. She was so sweet. They gave us a box for cards. We didn't buy anything because it was just too crazy and no order to product. It was OK, I spent enough elsewhere.
Next stop was Cosmo Cricket and wow was that fun. They gave us a lacing card kit and then had lots of things on sale to buy. Including their awesome black books. Oh the prices were so good. One more stop in that neck of the woods and that was SEI. We got to see how it all works there. They do fabric dyes, iron ons, rub ons and of course awesome scrapbook stuff We had a great tour and met great people. They gave us a great 2 piece album set and there was actually a store with lots of fun goodies to buy. Found some very cute page kits. I really enjoyed SEI.

We were now an hour from Rusty Pickle and we were off to see Lance and gang. They were in a serious wearhouse and it was tucked away. Once we found it though, we knew where it was from then on. They had some paper on sale for ten cents a sheet and other great buys. They had all their current stuff too along with kits, clothes, chipboard and acrylic. With each purchase we were given a huge package of paper. At least 2 inches thick. There were lots of great finds in that treasure bag. They had their chocolate fountain up and running. Dave really liked that. Rusty Pickle was a great stop.

We left Rusty Pickle and then off to dinner at Spaghetti Factory. Back to the hotel to sort through all the goodies. Check out the bed - we got so much stuff and of course bought more. It was a highlight to do this at our own speed and enjoy the time traveling up and down Utah.

Going to have an early morning tomorrow. Have to be downstairs at 6:15 (which is 5:15 a.m. our time) for the bus tour. First stop Rusty Pickle LOL
A girl's got to do, what a girl's got to do

More later - goodnight


Arlene said...

Wow, Faye, you make me really miss CKU! I don't think they had all those tours when we went back a few years ago. Sounds like you had a great trip!

Pam P said...

Just listening to you talk about going to CKU didn't convey the magnitude of what you experienced. Thank you for more clarification in this blog. Makes me want to gooooo too. Do you have to be in a scrapbook business to go or can just anyone go? Glad you had such a wonderful time, you and the husband to 500.