Friday, July 16, 2010

Everyone needs 4 days with their girlfriends

There is nothing better than spending 4 days and 3 nights with your best friends. Unfortunately Colleen was missing :(.
Anyhow, we all needed a break and we had one. I highly recommend a girlfriend scrap retreat every 30 days ( I wish)

This is me set up in the dining room of the condo. You wouldn't believe how we rearranged furniture LOL. I actually like this picture.

Bev was behind me but always in ear shot of any funny thing to be said. You have to ask her about the inner kitty.

Julie and Saren are around the corner but not too far. Julie is showing off her monkey she cut with Create a Critter.

Treion rounded out the circle and yes that is the dining room table by the couch.

Bev playing with her Cricut

Saren working on Christmas cards - yes you heard me correctly.

Julie was working on projects

Bev is chatting with Treion

Treion is listening intently

Julie is chatting away too. Lots of talking, crying, laughing and sharing it really was a an awesome few days

This is what I worked on when I wasn't swearing at my Silhouette. I finished (hanging head in shame) my album from CKU Provo 2008. It was taught by Ali Edwards and called Evolution

I then finished my layouts for a class called Bakers Dozen through Big Picture Scrapbooking.

Lots of work, lots of fun and lots of love, we need to do it again.

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