Friday, July 2, 2010

From my California Style Paint Can Partner - Janet Ang

Due to a glitch in assigning partners for the Paint Can Swap, Janet and I decided to swap with each other but in an unconventional way. So this is a taste of the goodness that Janet has sent my way. Janet you rock and I love everything

This was the first box of goodies that I received. It was so full of fun. Inside was a wonderful tag that said " The letter 'I' indeed stands for Inspirations! But so many other words start with the letter 'I'. Fleeting through Creative Imaginations! For example, Tim's Ideaology items apply. And Iridescent Gold Glimmer Mists caught my eye! The paint can swap has begun! This will make the summer interesting and fun!

Then one hot summer day, a huge package arrived full of treats galore along with a note to define the remaining letters
I is I already rocked you once before, try again

N is for Necklace - something nice for you

S is for Sweet, that is what you are

P is for Pets, pets and more pets (I was floored by this one, she even made me a special album for my babies - I will cherish it forever)

I is for Ideaology - Tim that is!

R is for Ribbon, lots and lots of ribbon - yeah

A is for an assortment of eyelets, brads and charms

T is for tags, can't get enough of those

I is for Imagination - Disney that is!!!

O is for Old and Vintage

N is for Nuts (no I'm not calling you a NUT!)

Then much to my surprise and delight there was a third box. This wall hanging, the fun apron and goodies from came my way. Plus I got a little suitcase. I love these little ones, they are perfect for cats eye inks and such. Janet also made me an awesome card with flower soft. You all have to try this stuff, it rocks.

OH happy day, another awesome gift. Check out this paint can. It is so pretty and fun. I just love it and will display it proudly in my room. Janet filled it with goodies too. To say I am blessed would be an understatement. Check out the card, it is so adorable

Thanks Janet, I am loving it all

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