Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Bride of Frankenfoot...........

Well if you have followed my blog, you read about my broken foot back in October.
On October 27th, I broke my heal on my left foot. One fracture, that is all but a fracture none the less. When I saw the Orthopedic doctor, he felt that my physical therapist Jenny decide could decide when my boot could come off. You remember the boot that I humbly name Frankenfoot.

Frank and I were together for just over 5 weeks when it was decided that maybe I could part ways with him and settle for the simple yet sublime athletic shoe. All was going well till my foot swelled and the pain resumed.
After a trip to the ER for excruciating pain, the X-ray showed that the fracture had not and was not healing.
Primary doctor was instrumental in putting my relationship with Frankenfoot back together again until I could see the ortho doctor. Frank and I were together for 5 weeks and got back together 2 weeks later. He wanted to spend Christmas with me because Halloween and Thanksgiving were so much fun LOL
Long story short saw the ortho doctor today and.........the foot is still broken, not healing and he says that he needs to get aggressive. So let me introduce you to The Bride of Frankenfoot.
We will be together till February 11th - oh it was a sad day in my world. Began 2008 with back pain and leg problems. Will end it the same way. Guess I need to pray, pray, pray.

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