Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering ..........

I thought it would be fitting to rerun an article that I wrote in 2007
Take a moment to pray for the families personally affected and for our leaders

Let's Roll............That is probably a statement you all remember from 9/11. It was spoken by Todd Beamer, when he and the other passengers of Flight 93 were going to change the course of history and not let that plane hit its designated target.
This weekend, David Beamer Todd's father spoke at our church. I just was overwhelmed with the thought of meeting this very special man. This was someone who was personally affected by this horrible act of terrorism. He lost his son, but he knows that he will see his son again in Heaven - this he was confident in.
Anyhow, he brought with him an American Flag that flew at the WTC site during the recovery process, it stood proudly on our stage. The flag is pictured above.
I have to share that the whole service was awesome and breathtaking. With the flag standing proudly on the stage, one of the worship team led in an acapella verson of The National Anthem. I love singing that song so much but acapella is absolutely the best and what a great way to recognize our great country..
All those who have served or are serving to protect our Freedom were acknowledged and received a standing ovation. The service was very powerful and emotional but then to hear Mr. Beamer speak was absolutely wonderful. He had a great attitude and a great testimony to share. He was absolutely sure in his son's salvation and that is what has given him comfort and hope.
This is what he shared and I want to share just a portion with you all. I pray this ministers to you as much as it ministered to me. He started with stating "If I say 9/11.. what do you think of?" Well you all know the answer to that. Before that dreadful day in 2001, 911 was a call for help not a horrific event in our nations history. Anyhow, likemany we all know where we were, how we heard and how we felt that day. Most of this is still with many of us to this day. It is fresh in my mind and I still shake my head in disbelief.
Then he asked "What were you doing on 9/10?" Do you know what you were doing on 9/10/01? He shared that Todd and his wife Lisa were in Rome, Italy on a paid business trip that he had won. They were enjoying the last part of a vacation of a lifetime. They returned to New Jersey, late on Monday night 9/10 and Todd had to fly to San Francisco that next morning and would be flying home on the red eye on the 11th.
The day before, Todd and Lisa were on a wonderful trip, enjoying life and the next day on 9/11 - Todd went home to be with his Lord. Mr. Beamer shared that he had Todd's date book, that his son and accidently left it at home. He had everything written out, including having breakfast with his wife and sons on 9/12. No where in his agenda was 9/11/01 10:00 a.m. die and go to heaven.
This was not planned on his part (it was by those setting forth to do an unspeakable act), he assumed that as usual he would fly across country, have his meeting, fly home and continue on with his work week and his life.
So the point of this whole message is we need recognize that today is the day before. We don't know what tomorrow holds or the rest of the week / month / year for that matter. We need to make sure to make the best of all situations and make sure that we are not leaving things undone with anyone.
The people in our world need to know that they are loved and are important to us. We can't let a day pass by without telling them that. Things change in a moments notice, it is not good to regret what you should have, could have or would have done if you only had one more chance.
Mr. Beamer shared the last time he saw his son and that memory has given him much comfort as he knew that his son knew that he loved him and vica versa. Todd had the honor of being raised in a Christian home and was a devoted Christian husband and father. Todd knew that he wasn't coming off that plane alive but knew his reward was great, eternal life with Christ his savior.
So how to end this, don't regret. Make sure all you do is glorifying to God and advances His Kingdom. If your friends and family don't know Him, speak of Him and all that He does for you. If they do know Him, praise Him forthat daily and be an inspiration to their walk and all them to inspire yours. Most of all, hug everyone and tell them you love them. Don't miss a chance to make a difference or leave without letting someone how important they are to you.
Concentrate on the day before so you will have no regrets the day after.
I hope this blesses you as much as it blessed and challenged me.
I am trusting that if you are reading this, that you have a relationship with Jesus Christ and we will all be rejoicing together someday in Heaven because God has prepared an awesome place for all who believe and I am looking forward to being there.
God Bless You Today, Tomorrow and Always

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