Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a Week and REMISSION!!!!

I have so many things to post about and will be starting tomorrow. Dave and I took off on August 24th for Arizona. It was quite a trip. The best part of the trip was the friends I met. You will hear about them very soon.
Anyhow our journey took us over the Hoover Dam, along Route 66, then to Phoenix for Creative Escape. We left Phoenix to head to Sedona and then the Grand Canyon. So many great things to tell you all and will get to it soon.

The best news of all............saw my Rheumatologist last Wednesday and finally the Lupus is in remission (drug induced) but still remission. The first time in 12 years and I am praising God.

Many great things and lots to talk about.
God is great and He does wonderful things

Till then


Keely said...

Congrats on your lupus remission!! that is awesome news!!

ljritchie said...

That's great awesome news Faye! Take care of yourself.

Michelle Aguilar said...

Congrads on your lupus remission!!!! Hurray!!!!
and meeting you and all the fun you had and on and on and on. LOL Will I ever catch up on my blog. LOL